Core Beliefs: 5 Irish Fitness Queens Giving Us Serious Abs Envy

Aaaaand clench.

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Considering skipping the gym (again)?

Follow these ladies for all the workout motivation you could ever need….

1. Laura Stockwell
Laura’s at the height of training for her first bikini fitness competition, and she’s got the lean body to show for it.

A photo posted by Laura (@missionsummergirl) on



2. Siobhán O’Hagan
Personal trainer and online fitness coach Siobhán lives as she works. Follow her for serious workout motivation and nutrition tips.



3. Shauna Linsday
Model Shauna is the epitome of #fitspo… and her workout gear is always on point.



4. Sarah Moloney
As well as studying for her Leaving Cert, Sarah just this weekend took part in her first bikini competition. Dedicated or wha’?

A photo posted by Sarah Moloney (@sarstri) on



5. Molly McKeever
As well as giving us constant travel and style envy, we’d kill for a bod like yoga teacher Molly.



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