Date With My Plate: The Daily Eats Of Hazel Wallace, AKA The Food Medic

She manages to make hospital rounds, go the gym AND eat healthily. Want to know what Hazel eats to give her superhuman strength? We find out...


Food and fitness blogger Hazel Wallace is also a full-time medical student – hence the name The Food Medic. Clever, huh? The Irish born, Cardiff based, doc in training, swapped sugary foods for dumbbells a few years back and started to blog about her experience in an effort to show people that being busy and being healthy aren’t mutually exclusive.

And Hazel definitely practices what she preaches – this year, as well as starting her final year in college, she’s hosting events, walking in London Fashion Week (for Charli Cohen – yikes!), releasing a range of Food Medic products, and doing TV work! *STELLAR immediately plans a life overhaul*

Here, as part of our Date With My Plate series, The Food Medic tells us what she eats in a typical day:


“I usually start my day with a mug of strong coffee but I’m trying to cut down on my caffeine intake. With that in mind I’m choosing Matcha Green Tea – it’s not as tasty as my usual coffee but it’s packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.”

Breakfast-Date-With-My-Plate-Food-Medic-Hazel-Wallace-Smoked Salmon-Prawns

“Breakfast is probably my favourite meal – I love to start my day with a brekkie high in protein and healthy fats. Today I’m having smoked salmon, prawns, asparagus and wilted spinach cooked in coconut oil – Yum!”


“Elevenses! I fancied something sweet while blogging so I had a peanut butter protein cup from Quest Nutrition with a mug of coffee (I know, I know, I gave into the caffeine already!) These cups are packed with protein and are very low in sugar so they’re the perfect guilt-free indulgence.”


“After my midday workout I went to a local healthy café in Cardiff for salad with grilled chicken, quinoa, kale, and blueberries. I also had a little superfood smoothie mix of apples, banana, spinach, fresh beetroot and cucumber. I like to have a meal balanced in carbs and protein after I work out so this was the perfect way to refuel.”


“Dinner was roasted peppers, courgette, sweet potato and kale topped with (more!) grilled chicken which I marinated in garlic, lemon and herbs.”


“I always have room for dessert! I had some Yogland frozen yogurt with leftover sweet potato brownies. I made a batch the day before.”