Facebook Is Rolling Out A ‘Secret Crush’ Feature So You Can Let Your Friends Know You Fancy Them

If you’re sick of Tinder and Bumble, you’ll soon be able to stick to Facebook when it comes to online dating.

The social network is rolling out a new dating feature called Secret Crush, which essentially lets you flirt with your friends in a more direct way.

With the new feature, you will be able to pick up to nine friends to express interest in (if you’ve got that many crushes on the go at once!) . They’ll get a notification saying ‘A friend added you as a secret crush’ and if you picked that person in your list, it’s a match, Facebook will reveal your names to one another. BUT if it’s one sided, the names will never be revealed, so you won’t know which of your friends think your hot.

Don’t delete Tinder just yet though, as us Irish might be a while waiting on the feature. Only countries who already have the Dating add-on on their profiles will be getting Secret Crush. Last year CEO Mark Zuckerberg and co. rolled out their original Dating feature, which allowed users in some countries including Canada, Thailand, Argentina, and Mexico to set up separate dating profiles with their accounts. So there’s no word just yet on when it’ll be coming to Ireland.

This new feature is fun in the sense that you can flirt with people you already know, so you can finally make a move on that guy you’ve liked since the Leaving Cert!


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