What Even Is ‘Cozy Cardio’?

Work outs, but make it chill

It’s cold out there, lads.

The crisp autumn/winter weather has made doing even the easiest of tasks more difficult, slightly miserable, and even sometimes impossible, as our bodies struggle to adjust to the changing seasons and shortening days.

Getting out of bed, going to the office, and organising plans are hard. So is finding motivation to go to the gym, embark on a run, or even just go for a walk, when the weather is so bad and staying cozy is objectively the better option.

But as it turns out, some people have started combining coziness with exercise, and tbh, I’m kinda here for it.

Introducing #cozycardio, a means of working out while still remaining warm, chilled out, and potentially even wrapped in a blanket depending on how far you want to take it.

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Picture the scene, you want to get some movement into your day, but you also crave hiding beneath your duvet – why not pop some fluffy pyjamas on, light a candle, and do some pilates?

You fancy doing a work out, but you also want to binge your favourite show – hop on an under desk treadmill in front of your TV or laptop and switch on Netflix.

You’re cold and tired but still prefer to incorporate some movement into your day – crawl under a blanket, get some mood lighting on, and do some weights.

Kyle Risley, founder of workout plan website Lift Vault says that #cozycardio has been taking off on TikTok, particularly among those who can’t find the motivation to go the gym during the winter. 

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Kyle says though, it’s still important to keep drinking water throughout your cozy workout – and be mindful of your space.

Keep a bottle of water next to your walking pad on a stool and always remember to take regular pauses to hydrate. Try not to drink and walk, in case you lose your balance,” he says. 

“It is also important to clear all surrounding hazards, such as loose wires or plugs, side tables and any valuable ornaments. If you are to have an accident, this can minimise further damage.”

Someone hand me my duvet – I’m off to do some reps.