Here’s Exactly What Kim K Is Eating To Lose Those 42lbs Of Baby Weight

Oh, and she still has 28lbs to go...

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It’s been just three and a half months since Kim Kardashian welcomed her second child into the world, but she’s already snapped right back into shape.

Of course, it hasn’t exactly been a breeze dropping 42lbs in 14 weeks, as Kim’s nutritionist Colette Heimowitz, VP of nutrition at Atkins Nutritionals, revealed this week.

As with many new mums, Kim lost 17lbs in the first seven days after giving birth to baby Saint, and she’s been sticking to a strict diet plan to shed the rest of the weight as quickly – but also as healthily – as possible.

So what’s Kim’s big secret? Well, it turns out there are a few…

She’s gone low-carb, but not NO-carb
Kim’s long been an advocate of the Atkins diet, and it worked wonders for her after North’s birth in 2013. While that means that white flour, white rice, processed sugar and heavy starches are on the reality star’s no-no list, Colette says that carbs still form part of her eating plan. “The secret is [to] pick high-fibre carbohydrates that slow the release of sugar into the bloodstream,” she explains.

Kim can’t get enough of that protein

As any nutritionist will tell you, a low-carb, high-protein diet is the holy grail of weight loss plans, and Kim’s is no different. The mum-of-two is sure to include protein with every single meal, along with high-fibre foods and healthy fats to keep her fuller for longer. Poached egg, avocado and brown toast for brekkie? Yup, that’s a Kim-approved meal right there.

But she’s a total cheese addict (just like us)
We all have our vices, and it turns out Kim’s is cheese, cheese and more cheese. But until she reaches her target weight, the KUWTK star “is limited to four ounces [113g] a day,” and also has to watch her intake of other high-fat dairy products like butter, cream and whole milk. “These things aren’t unlimited, she can have them – just enough to keep you satisfied,” Colette says.

There’s no calorie counting for this glam mama

Kim has a chef and nutritionist on hand to plan and prepare the majority of her meals (sigh), but that doesn’t mean she’s counting every calorie she takes in. “A low-calorie diet leaves you hungry all the time, and you need to not be hungry in order to be successful,” Colette says, adding that it’s far easier to keep sugar cravings at bay when you’re feeling full and satisfied.

Kim’s determined to lose weight, but this is no crash diet
An average weight loss of around two pounds a week is fairly standard for a new mum – or anyone trying to drop weight, for that matter. Anything beyond that could have a negative effect on Kim’s breast milk supply, which is of course a big no-no. Colette also adds that Kim’s weight loss is “not linear,” meaning she might drop more weight one week and less – or even none – the next. So if your own dieting plan has been yielding yo-yoing results, don’t stress too much, as it’s not necessarily a bad thing.


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