Here’s Why Haribo Is One Of Best Foods You Can Eat Before And After A Workout

Go get that sugar!

Haribo Tangtastics

What to eat pre- and post-workout is one of the biggest exercise conundrums for regular gym goers.

Before a big sweat sesh you want to make sure your body is optimally primed to blast out your best session yet. And after? Well, it’s all about getting loadsa protein and carbs to fuel your recovery.

But surprisingly, loading up on healthy eats might not be the most effective way to fuel yourself both before and after exercise.

Instead personal trainer Steve Mellor says that fast-acting carbs, like Haribo, are one of the best ways to ensure you get a deadly sweat sesh.

“One of the best things to have pre-workout is carbs, as they’re energy and an ergogenic aid that enables you to train harder, faster and longer,” he explains to Byrdie. “This can be in the form of Lucozade or Haribo, which are probably huge no-no’s for everyone, but ultimately they put fast available fuel into your muscles.

Irish fitness blogger Sinead Forde also knows the benefits of Haribo, posting on Instagram recently about eating them after a workout.

Explaining why she chose Haribo as a post-sweat snack, Sinead says that eating fast acting carbs straight after a workout helps to “replenish glycogen stores and build muscle in the long run.”

She continues “I used to have oats post-workout but fast-acting [carbs] are better because they go straight to the muscle. Then I have a full meal 30 minutes later.”

Does that mean you can scoff all of the jellies before the gym and still see results? Not surprisingly, it’s all about moderation.

“That’s not a green light to eat tonnes of sweets,” warns Steve. “To see real results from your workouts, your focus should be on hitting the right number of calories every day. If you’re doing that day in, day out with consistency throughout seven days a week, then you’ll see results.”

So that means no polishing off the entire packet. Three or four jellies should be enough. Got it?



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