How Long Does It Take To Get Out Of Shape When You Stop Exercising?

You've dropped the ball on your fitness routine. Here's how long you have until you're officially out of shape.

girl on spin bike

Work has been stressy, you got lazy or you’re (cough) “out with an injury”. Whatever the reason, you’ve ditched your regular gym habit and you’re worried about how long you have until you officially get out of shape.

“If you’re used to training five times a week, it could take just two weeks off until you feel out of shape, as fitter people respond quicker to changes in exercise,” personal trainer Blake Worrall-Thompson explains to The Glow. “For regular weight lifters, if you leave exercising for 10 to 14 days you may find a decrease in strength.”

10 to 14 days?! Yikes. But there’s better news for newbie gym bunnies. “It’ll take around three weeks before you notice any significant changes in your fitness levels,” says Blake.

So what signs should you look out for to suggest it’s time to get your sweat back on? “The one that comes up a lot is finding you’re out of breath after walking up stairs,” says Blake. “Otherwise it could be how you fit in your jeans, or how you look in the mirror or even photographs.”

“Missing a session here and there isn’t going to make a big difference long term, unless you become complacent and it starts happening all the time,” Blake explains. “Exercise must become part of your lifestyle for overall health and long term fat loss. If you miss a session or two each week just make sure your nutrition is prioritised.”

Time to get back on the wagon, we suppose.

Pic credit: Instagram @jesseq93