How To Have a Healthy Day At The Office

Forget reaching for sugary snacks to power you through the day. We asked an expert how you can stick to your healthy eating plan while at the office.

Healthy desk

Winter’s on its way and unfortunately, so are those winter cravings. Whether you’re a fiend for a pumpkin spiced latte with extra whipped cream (of course) or partial to a mince pie ..or ten.. there’s hardly a day that goes by that we don’t find ourselves cleaning the crumbs off our desk from our mid-day binge. As much as we love our daily croissants our waistlines aren’t loving it quite so much, so, with that in mind, we asked personal trainer and fitness blogger Amanda Moroney how we can stay healthy during working hours.

1.Start the day on the right foot

“In the morning, insulin is most sensitive,” explains Amanda. “This hormone balances blood sugar levels and controls cravings, so start the day by having a high-protein breakfast, like an omelette, protein smoothie or greek yoghurt with seeds and nuts. Not only will you stay fuller for longer, you won’t feel the need to reach for the biscuit tin and you can kiss the 3pm energy slump goodbye. High protein breakfasts have also been shown to increase productivity too.” Deadly.

2.Be prepared!

Guilty of nipping to the shops for a sugar fix? “Always have a selection of snacks on hand that will provide you with an abundance of vitamins and minerals,” recommends Amanda. “If you get peckish at your desk, choose from snacks such as nuts, ricecakes with a lean protein source or a protein bar, preferably opting for the first choices as the more ‘real’ food you eat, the more nourishment you will get. Having carb-dense foods on their own such as a high-sugar muesli bar will induce lethargy as many of them lack a sufficient amount of protein to balance their nutrient profile.”

3.Stay hydrated

“Whilst the odd cup of coffee is fine, relying on it as your only source of fluids for the day is a common error,” says Amanda. “Caffeine, in excess, causes a rise in cortisol, your stress hormone, which when elevated, can promote abdominal fat storage.” Damn. Instead, “ensure you’re drinking sufficient water or even herbal teas during the day,” Siobhan recommends. “Dehydration as small as two percent can result in a decreased performance of as much as 20 percent. Increasing water will not only help with mental alertness, concentration, energy, fat loss, muscle building and recovery.” Got it.

4.Get moving!

Been glued to your swivel chair since 9am without so much as a dander to the loos? “Sedentary jobs have been shown to increase the risk of back pain and even impact knee and hip mobility,” Amanda explains. “Where possible, stand when on the phone to reduce spinal compression from sitting for prolonged periods. Take the stairs instead of the lifts and try to get some form of activity in on your lunch break, even a few minutes of light stretching will stand to you in the long run.”

5.Take a supplement where necessary

“If you work in a high-stress office, it’s only natural that you will experience stress at some point,” says Amanda. “A supplement such as Siberian Ginseng will help to down-regulate the release of cortisol so whilst it’s often not feasible to remove the source of the problem, you can help your body deal with it more efficiently. Sleep is another common issue with people finding it hard to switch-off and unwind in the evenings. Magnesium is a great mineral to help calm the mind, due to it’s soothing nature on the Central Nervous System.”