Infographic: Stellar’s 2015 Sex Survey Results Show 50 Shades Is Influencing Our Love Lives

Let's talk about sex, baby: STELLAR surveyed 400 readers in March 2015 to find out a range of things about Irish 20-something attitudes towards sex and sexytime.

Stellar sex survey 2015 infographic

Using our preferred form of communication – emojis – we’ve distilled the fascinating insights gleaned from a recent survey we conducted among STELLAR readers about their sexual habits, attitudes and norms. There are more in the May issue of the magazine, but we’ve distilled some of them here into handy infographic format.

“It’s always really interesting to see what comes back (sorry, no pun intended) when we survey readers,” says editor Kirstie McDermott. “This year, we specifically asked some 50 Shades-themed questions out of curiosity, and we can really see that there’s a definite correlation between the blanket media coverage it’s gotten and what’s actually translating into the bedroom.”

25% of readers report using handcuffs or restraints, 10% have tried blindfolds and 7.5% have role played. Oh, Mr Grey, etc.

We were less happy with the stat that saw 15% of readers report being pressurised into having sex by a partner and we’ll admit we did raise our brows a bit at the masturbation results as well: a whopper 30% say they never give into a little self love.

Elsewhere, here’s what readers told us:

  • 17 is the most common age at which to lose your virginity in Ireland.
  • Vaginal sex, handjobs and handjobs are the most popular sex acts.
  • Anal sex, rimming and fisting are the least popular sex acts in completely un-shocking news.
  • 43% of readers have been sexually active for more than 10 years.
  • 18% regularly have casual sex.
  • 9% of readers have had more than 20 sexual partners.

What do you think of the survey and its results? Let us know below.