Here’s What Your ‘Post-Sex Routine’ Should Look Like

Because it's just as important as the deed itself!

There can be a lot of hype and talk about sex but no one talks about the dos and don’ts of straight after the deed!

There are a couple of non-negotiables that should be done. We’re running through some of them below, helping you to create your own post-sex routine.

Learn How To Talk About Sex

Think of it as a post-match analysis. Being comfortable speaking about your sex life with a partner is the only way to improve your sex life. You need to openly discuss any likes or dislikes you might have. The conversation doesn’t have to be an awkward one, in fact, telling them what you want to try next time or praising a certain something they did can be a real turn-on.

Pee Straight After Sex 

Although the last thing you will want to do after a steamy session is getting out of bed and head to the bathroom, it is important to pee as soon as possible to prevent an infection.

As you have sex, your intimate areas are exposed to bacteria which can make their way to the urinary tract and result in a painful UTI. By urinating right away, any lingering bacteria is flushed away.

Freshen Up The Area 

Following a night of passionate sex, using clean, fresh water to clean up can prevent irritation. Especially if you have sensitive skin, the combination of rubbing, lube, and sweat can upset the PH balance and even risk infection if you have any tiny open wounds.

Cleaning Your Toys 

Once you’ve finished up with your favourite toys, use a sex toy cleaner or natural soap with clean water to give them a good clean. Your genitals are incredibly sensitive so removing any bacteria will minimise the chance of any infections or irritation. After you have cleaned them it’s equally as important to let them fully dry before packing them back away for next time.



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