Is It Time To Update Your ‘Dating CV’?

Special skills, you say?

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If you (like me) are eternally single, you may be on the hunt for new and improved ways to meet new people.

Swiping just isn’t cutting it. Scrolling has become a bore. Random lads sliding into your DMs just doesn’t bear the same novelty it once did… if it ever did, which it didn’t.

It’s tough out there. Oftentimes it seems like the only way to meet folk is to go out (ew) and actually talk to them (please).

Or, you could delve deep into one of the latest dating trends and hope that that bears better results than your past excursions. You can’t win if you don’t play, etc.

Enter the ‘Dating CV’ – a means of showcasing your, eh, skills in past relationships in the hope of enticing a new partner.

Proficient in replying to long messages? Put it on the CV. Talented in maintaining relationships with parents? Add it to the Word doc. Adept in splitting your time between working out and taking long walks on the beach? You know what to do.

The movement has found legs over on TikTok, with many users sharing their personal dating CVs and expecting their potential dates to have their own too, but TikTok is not where the trend began.

In fact, it first appeared online back in 2017 in a Buzzfeed article detailing the attempts of US college student Joey Adams to convince a girl to go out with him.

Joey had responded to an ‘ad’ on Facebook from a girl he knew asking if anybody would be available to take her friend to a dance. But instead of sharing a paltry “Yes, me!”, Joey went hell for leather and shared his dating CV, complete with his education, objective, and work experience (Lubricants Consultant, which was allegedly not a joke).

Unfortunately, Joey did not secure his date, which leaves me wondering whether going to the intense effort (using Canva) of making a dating CV would even be worth it.

People on TikTok, however, don’t seem deterred, and have been sharing their own CVs in the hope that it will detail exactly the kind of person they are in a relationship, and what they’re expecting from a potential partner too.

“We’re going to start requiring all men to hold a dating license. They have to have a dating resume as well,” said one user.

The chances of that happening are, let’s be honest, slim to none. Alas, the idea of putting together a dating CV remains an interesting one.

After all, if dating apps are providing little results, maybe it’s time we took romance into our own hands.


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