Six Signs You Need A Break From Dating

It might be time to hit pause on the search for love.

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There’s a lot of advice out there for when you’re actively dating.

“Don’t lower your standards”, “Avoid talking about your ex”, “Don’t sleep with them until the third date”, and on, and on. 

But what’s the advice for when you feel like you are stuck in a dating rut and are constantly being disappointed?

Well, this may be a sign to take a dating hiatus and prioritise yourself. 

When you’re single, participating in the dating game isn’t mandatory. Here are some signs that it may be time to take a break from dating.

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You’ve neglected other life goals

Granted, finding love can be the ultimate goal in many people’s lives, but when dating consumes all of your time and energy it can be easy to forget about those other goals that you have set yourself. If finding a partner was your only goal, set some personal ones and rediscover past hobbies.

You’re recently single

Serial monogamists out there – if you are just out of a relationship, now is the time to focus on yourself and the non-romantic relationships in your life. After a break up, you may be feeling insecure (like many of us do) but this can lead to dating for all the wrong reasons. Looking for validation from others can lead to you dating someone just for the security even if they are not the one for you. 

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You ignore the same red flags

It can be easy to look past certain red flags when you just want a relationship, especially when it feels like you are the only one without a partner. Unfortunately, ignoring red flags always has the same ending – and it’s not fun. Avoid disappointment and take some time to really get to know what you won’t settle for in love.

Dating is starting to feel like a chore

If trying to find a life long partner is feeling like a full time job, that is when taking a break is essential. Dating should be fun and meeting the right one for you will never feel like a chore. If you feel after a date that you are wasting your time, take a step back and prioritise time for yourself.

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You’re dating because everyone around you is in a relationship

The pressure to date when you’re the only single one out of your siblings or social circle, can be exhausting. Friends probably set you up with other single friends and it can seem that the only thing you have in common with other person is well…that you’re both single.

If you are comparing your dating life to others this can lead to feelings of inadequacy or pressure. Although it is easier said than done, focus on your own journey.

You’re dating for validation

If you’re looking for a confidence boost you may go straight to the dating apps, but building a relationship on validation from another person is never a good idea. We all need a self esteem boost at times but finding self love is a much better fix long term and once you love yourself the right one will find you. 

Dating can be rough but it should also be fun. Often the right person for you will come along when you least expect it, so in the mean time, practice self-love and enjoy your single life!

Words by Abby Sammon