Marissa Carter Opens Up About Her Heartbreaking Miscarriages, And Why She’s Supporting #RepealThe8th

"I don't need a list of why women might want or need an abortion - it's not my place to judge."

Last night, in a poignant Instagram post, Cocoa Brown businesswoman Marissa Carter opened up on why she’s supporting the repeal of the 8th Amendment.

Along with a photo of her wearing a Repeal jumper, she wrote that she had three miscarriages before giving birth to her two children, Charlie and Belle.

“Before we had our two beautiful children, I had three miscarriages that truly nearly broke me,” she wrote.

I couldn’t leave our apartment for three months after the last one and I couldn’t bear to speak about it with my friends. When I was pregnant with Charlie, we were afraid to celebrate.

“Repealing the 8th Amendment isn’t about the value you place on life inside the womb. It’s about a woman’s right to choose,” she continued.

Abortion is not a decision that any woman wants to make. It’s just not. I don’t need a list of why women might want or need an abortion – it’s not my place to judge. It’s no one’s. I stand #Together4Yes and I support every woman’s right to control her own body. We will #repealthe8th. Now make sure you’re registered to vote!

(If you’re wondering about that, the closing date is May 8. Get your registration/change of address form signed by the Gardaí and send it off today! It’s a Bank Holiday so it mightn’t get in on time otherwise.)

Marissa is one of several high-profile Irish people to lend their voices to the campaign in recent weeks – Pippa O’Connor encouraged her followers to educate themselves and vote:

Amy Huberman said she is voting Yes “for basic healthcare, compassion, understanding, safety and trusting women”:

And U2 got straight to the point (even though some of their American followers didn’t understand which 8th Amendment they were referring to):

Fair play to them all. And one last time: Make sure to register!


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