My Fitness Journey: Model Lynn Kelly Tells Us How She Got Her Killer Body

Irish model Lynn Kelly is in enviable shape – we caught up with the Irish model to find out what exactly she does, in the gym and in the kitchen, to stay so smokin'.

Lynn Kelly

Lynn’s info

Name: Lynn Kelly

Age: 26

Insta: @lynnkelly_

Twitter: @lynnkelly_

When did you start training?

I started working out and training a few years back but always struggled to find something that was right for me. I was always active as a kid, but growing up and entering the real world makes it that bit more difficult, and finding a training regimen that suited me was pretty difficult – but I finally found what works for me about a year ago.

Why did you start your fitness regimen?

In the modelling industry, it’s very difficult not to be hard on yourself. It’s hard to stand there in your flesh-coloured underwear and not to compare yourself to the girls around you. I mostly do it to feel fit and healthy though and to feel good about myself. It’s as much mental as it is physical.

lynn Kelly fitness 6

What’s your biggest motivation?

My biggest motivation is remembering why I started – it’s remembering how I felt when I wasn’t in great shape.

Never point out your flaws or wobbly bits to others – chances are, you’re the only one who notices them.

Are you 100% body confident?

Is anybody? I’d say I’m body confident but certainly not 100%. I do whatever I can to help me to feel more confident about myself – but that being said, if I’m having a bad day and feeling crap or low in confidence I’d never tell you!

Never point out your flaws or wobbly bits to others – chances are you’re the only one who notices them.

How often do you go to the gym?

I try to train every day to maintain how I look. I don’t always want to go – but I go anyway. I’m not blessed with those goddess genetic genes like some of the other girls, but I’m willing to put in the graft.

How long do you spend in there?I

It depends: if I’ve a really busy day and I can only get 20 minutes in, then I’ll only be there for 20 minutes. But I usually spend around 45-60 minutes training.

Lynn Kelly fitness 2


Honestly, how long did it take you to get in the shape you’re in?

Well it didn’t happen overnight, trust me! Ha ha! It took months – of eating really well and training really hard – blood, sweat and tears! Actually, a lot of sweat..

What’s your typical gym routine?

I mix up my training to keep my body guessing. It could be an hour of boxing at Beau Jacks, which is very intense. It could be a reformer pilates class, which I do in Form School and is great for building strength but also amazing for your core too, it also gives my muscles a good stretch.

Or it could be just me, in the gym with my rave music pumping, resistance bands, ankle weights and skipping rope in hand, concentrating on body weight or resistance training – I do this a lot. I find it the best for creating a lean look with some slight definition.

Lynn Kelly Fitness 1

Do you do cardio?

I do a some skipping – that’s about it. I don’t enjoy cardio, you’ll never catch me on a cross-trainer or on the treadmill.

Are you a very clean eater?

I try to be, but you have to live as well. If I go to the cinema and I want some Ben & Jerry’s, I’m going to have some. It’s about balance. In terms of day-to-day living, prep is key – I can’t stress this enough. Brekkie’s usually a homemade green juice and  eggs – scrambled, poached or an omelette – while lunch is a salad with eggs, chicken or fish. My dinner is small – usually fish or a veg stir fry or a salad.

For snacks, I have nuts, seeds and fruit and I eat carbs too. It’s important to listen to your body. Last, but not least, chocolate – I can’t go a day without it! Usually it’s two or three squares of dark chocolate or half a chocolate protein bar. I’m usually really disciplined Monday to Friday, and then have my guilty pleasures the weekends.

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Do you EVER fall off the wagon?

Of course – I’m only human. I was recently on a well-earned holiday for three weeks and pretty much ate whatever I wanted for the entire time. I did do some training too so I wouldn’t feel too bad!

How does it feel to be a fitness inspiration?

I’m so flattered. I’m so open and honest about my struggles and to hear that I’m a fitness inspiration is amazing. I’m honestly just a normal girl trying to succeed, be happy and do her very best in life.

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Do you have a fitness inspo?

I’ve two major fitness inspos – Sarah Morrissey being one. Seriously, that girl is dedicated. She trains so hard and eats so well and look at the outcome. She is an inspiration me. I need to mention Candice Swanepoelhave you seen her arse?!

Have you been approached by many brands or companies asking to represent them?

Yes, a few – again, it’s very flattering. The most exciting was to be optioned for the new international Nike campaign – em, hello, Karlie Kloss shot their campaign a few seasons ago.

Anything exciting on the cards?

Yes! I’ve something very exciting launching the end of this year that’s in the health and fitness industry alongside Sarah Morrissey. Watch this space, eeeek!

We’ve four weeks to get in shape, give us four tips!!

  1. Step away from the wine!
  2. Prep your food.
  3. Stay consistent.
  4. Believe in yourself.

What should we defo cut out?

Alcohol – it’s a killer. I usually don’t drink unless it’s a special occasion.