My STELLAR Slimming World Diary: Week One, Again

Losing weight is definitely not all smooth sailing – as dep ed Rosemary finds out when she's forced to start over on her Slimming World journey, again.

Well, who knew that, if you missed more than three weeks of Slimming World, you’d be better off starting over? My choices were thus: pay €27 to cover the weeks I’d missed, or rejoin for €19. Simple maths.

That being said, if I was two stone down into my SW journey I probably would’ve forked out the €27 so as not to lose my info – as it is, I was expecting a gain after a week in Ibiza and a couple of weeks kind of on, mostly off the plan, so I shut my mouth and doled over my €19.

Rosemary Mac Cabe Elaine Crowley

With TV3’s Elaine Crowley at this week’s Clarins launch

The good news

I’m not back to where I’d started! I’d kept telling myself that things would be fine as long as I wasn’t back up to my original starting weight of 14 stone 6 lbs – although, I’ll be honest, I probably deserved to be after a couple (of hundred) of very naughty-step-worthy meals.

The bad news

I’m back to 14 stone 2 lbs, meaning my half stone award can be turfed into the bin, along with the accompanying sense of achievement.

It kind of reminds you just how quickly you can gain weight – while losing it, no matter how fast you do it, feels like a serious trial. I spend way too much of my time looking at really thin people eating, and thinking, now, if I ate that, I’d be massive! So surely I can eat what they eat, and still lose weight! Nope – that is in no way correct.

The plan

So this week I’ve my game face on and I’m going to try really hard to rival my week one weight loss (which was, if you’ll recall, 5 lbs). I’ve just joined Flyefit gym, and used the handy online class planner app to sign up to a whole load of classes I’m surely going to regret; I’m planning a post-work supermarket jaunt to stock up on healthy, speedy foods; and I’m planning on starting to walk to and from work – a good 40-minute trek each way.

The obstacles

These are the things I’m a bit nervous about; this weekend, I’ve a housewarming BBQ that will be full of food and delicious drink, so I’m going to fill up on speedy foods beforehand and try to stay off the booze. Next week, I’m off to London overnight to check out Elizabeth Arden’s Christmas offerings, where it’ll be canapés aplenty, so abstention will be the name of the game.

The inspirations

I’m loving The7amClub on Facebook – it’s a private group, so you have to apply to join, but there are a whole host of SW soldiers on there sharing their meals, their exercise plans and their new finds, which is really helpful. It’s run by Grace Mongey aka Faces by Grace, whose Snapchat (@facesbygrace23) is also brilliant for SW inspiration. I also have a wedding coming up on August 21st – with just under seven weeks between then and now, I reckon aiming for a one-stone weight loss by then would be pretty reasonable.

Now – who’s with me?