#MyFitJourney: Week 2 And Is That Definition I See?

I have six weeks to get an entirely new body through intensive reformer pilates. Here's how I fared during week two.


Week 2

In case you missed it, in a bid to kick-start a healthier January, I’m doing four reformer Pilates classes a week with Pilates instructor Annie Kiran, and I have to admit, I found last week really tough.

I don’t know whether it was because I knew I was doing this programme, but I seemed to literally double my food intake. It was pretty bad food too, lots of chocolate digestive biscuits, lots of jellies, and lots of late night eating.

While my goal isn’t to lose weight, I certainly don’t want to gain any, so I definitely need to reign that in. Anyway, I’m nearly back on track and this week will be a new one – I’m determined.

In terms of the Pilates itself, it definitely got tougher last week and we incorporated a good bit more cardio. I also don’t think I’ve ever done as many squats in my life, well actually, I know I haven’t. My bum was in bits after the week.

I definitely can see more definition in my stomach and I’m adamant to keep working on toning that. I’ve realised I have absolutely no upper arm strength and I found the arm exercises particularly difficult.


Although the classes got harder, again, I still felt great after each one. It’s an amazing way to de-stress and I really miss the relief that it gives me on the days where I don’t have any classes.

The BEST part of last week was when Annie brought me in some of her outrageously delicious homemade treats; some protein balls and her healthy berry cheesecake – delish!

All in all though, I really feel I could have worked a bit harder last week so I really want to pull my socks up now and go at it again full throttle. Wish me luck!

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What my trainer says

“Genevieve is a dream to work with, she gives it everything and even manages to stay smiling throughout. Her rotation and flexibility through her spine and her core control are noticeably improving, which means we can turn up the heat and really start to challenge her body. People are often surprised at how much leg work is involved in Reformer Pilates, but it’s unbelievable for leg flexibility and strength.

We tackled her legs from every angle and mixed it up between up-tempo cardio exercises and slower paced control work. Genevieve’s arms and shoulders are not her strongest part so we gave them lots of attention, focussing on stability and strength. We can start to add more resistance as she gets stronger and stronger.

Her planks and press ups are coming along fantastically. We are aiming for one handed planks which if she keeps going at this pace shouldn’t be too far away. I’m excited to see what next week brings, the plan is to keep working on strength but also to work on some super flexibility moves including back bends and splits. It’ll be lots of fun!”


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