#MyFitJourney: Week 6 And The Results Are In!

Genevieve has been doing four Reformer Pilates classes a week for six weeks. After all her hard slog, here's how she looks now...


So the six weeks are up! (You can catch up on weeks one to five here, FYI) The aim was never to lose weight but to tone up and get more definition in my arms and tummy. That definitely happened. All of our workouts were focused on my core and I think it paid off, but the main thing I have noticed is my overall strength. With each class I was able to do more advanced work, plank for longer, lift heavier weights and use heavier springs on the Reformer machine itself. I also notice my flexibility and stability improved with every single hour that we did.

For people who have a big important date approaching, like a wedding, Reformer Pilates classes would be a great thing to invest in. When you have a goal in sight, it makes working hard that little bit easier. The class environments are really welcoming and it motivates you to work harder when there’s a group of you who all have the same aim. There are ladies and men of all different shapes, sizes and ages and it’s a really comfortable setting, you would never feel out of place or too inexperienced to take part.


Genevieve’s before and after pics.


In terms of the one-on-one classes, I couldn’t recommend them any more. Annie, my trainer at Platinum Pilates, was so attentive throughout the whole programme and she tailored every class to my specific needs, there was nothing ever generic about our time together. The advice she gives is incredible and like I previously mentioned, Annie can spot the areas on your body that are weak or damaged and that might need the most work. Within the first week, Annie was able to tell me that my right shoulder is a lot stronger than my left, and it’s the other way around with my legs. After she gives you your body diagnosis, she makes a workout plan that will be the most beneficial for you.

I didn’t go to the gym once throughout the challenge and the only thing I missed was the cardio. I really love running so I’m looking forward to taking that up again. It will be difficult to go back to doing my own workouts though, after having such a structured timetable. That’s another fantastic thing about these classes, you go in for your 45 minute blast and you’re set up for the rest of the day. My favourite class was probably the 7.15am one on Leeson Street, I was in great form after I left and it made my day so much nicer afterwards. That was another aspect of the programme that made it so worthwhile, my mood greatly improved. No matter how bad a day I had, after my classes, I felt so much happier.


Going forward, I’ll definitely be keeping it up. I’m going to try and do two classes a week in conjunction with my own time in the gym where I’ll run. If I can see a change in my body after the six weeks, I can only imagine the effects you’d see after doing it long term. If I could go back and do it again, the only thing I’d do differently would be my diet. I did let myself slip up a few times which sets you back a bit, but it’s not healthy to restrict yourself too much. I have come out of my fitness programme feeling happier, healthier, more nimble on my feet and I’ve made a lovely new friend in the process too. So all in all, it was a great six weeks!

Annie Says

“I can’t believe six weeks are over! It seems like it was only yesterday Genevieve came in and fell off the reformer in week one! Genevieve obviously didn’t need to lose weight but wanted to build her strength and tone especially in her arms and tummy. We worked hard to build a foundation of strength and stability in her shoulders and arms and powered on from there. It is amazing what you can achieve in six weeks. Genevieve went from basic planks to doing one handed advanced versions. She is a Pilates superstar and you can see the strength she’s built in the difference in her muscle tone.

“Pilates is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle; keeping muscle and bones strong, keeping us nimble and calming our minds. This is just the start of Genevieve’s Pilates journey; an initial push to set her up. Now will we keep working on her flexibility (we are aiming for full splits) and getting even stronger!”