Myth: This Popular Ab Exercise Won’t Give You A Six Pack Apparently

But thankfully, an expert has revealed what will.

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Whatever moves you’re doing at the gym, we’ll bet you’re absolutely crushing it, but hard effort aside, it stands to reason that some moves are more effective than others.

And let’s face it, ain’t nobody got time for exercises that aren’t going to help you burn fat, build a booty or sculpt your abs.

Unfortunately, if your goal is the latter, there’s one move in particular that experts say won’t net you the results you’re after.

Speaking to Cosmopolitan, fitness trainer Adam Rosante says that standard crunches simply won’t do the job.

“You can do sit-ups for days, but if you have a high percentage of body fat, your abs will stay in hiding,” he explains. Damn.

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Thankfully though, that doesn’t mean you should slack off on your abs routine altogether. Rosante reveals that your abs will only show once you’ve burned off the layer of fat that your abdominal muscles are hiding under, and therefore your first port of call should be your diet.

The old adage rings true: you can’t out train a bad diet, and you can’t build a six pack if you’re not eating the right foods either.

So what should you be eating?

Well, we’ve taken our cues from Gigi Hadid. Her trainer Rob Piela recently revealed that a low-sugar diet, which we imagine is also packed full of fat-burning foods like nuts and oily fish is to thank for her enviable abdomen.

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He also revealed her exercise routine which is a belly-fat-burning combo of core strength exercises and HIIT sessions, explaining that it’s diet and exercised combined that garners her the best results.

Hey, if it’s good enough for Gigi…


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