Partial To Gym Check Ins And Selfies? Here’s What That Apparently Says About You

Hint: It's not complimentary.

Gym Selfie

You’ve donned your workout threads, guzzled some pre-workout and made it the gym. After all that effort, it’s only natural that you’d pose for a selfie next to the squat rack or check in on Facebook to let all your friends know that you’re training, right?

Well, according to some mean-spirited scientists, sharing check ins or pics from the gym actually makes you a bit narcissistic.

The new study from Brunel University collected data from over 500 Facebook users and examined the motives that prompted them to post photos or statuses about working out.

What the study found is that narcissists posted more updates about their diet and workout routine. The results also suggested that they had an increased need for validation, and gaining ‘likes’ on social media gave them the attention they crave.

While that may be an obvious conclusion to come to, I’m calling bullshit on it.

As someone who posts the occasional gym selfie and the odd accidental Dominos binge in equal measure, I can tell you, that my motivation for sharing is less about narcissism and more about documenting my achievements – and let’s face it, making it to the gym on the regular IS an achievement.

Getting sore and sweaty on the reg is hard work and if people want to mark that effort with the occasional cheeky – and sweaty – gym snap, then I say more power to them.

Now excuse me, I’m off to tee up a pic next to the treadmill.


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