How To Make Mutual Satisfaction Part Of Your Sex Life

You won’t regret it…

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If you’re looking for a new way to spice up your partnered sex life, it could be time to throw hands… No, not in that way, but rather throw hands to each other’s bits.

Sharing an intimate act like masturbation can feel daunting, but it’s all about practice makes perfect – just like anything new you try, right? Starting slow is the key here, but for more in-depth tips, LELO’s sex and relationship expert and author, Annebelle Knight, has compiled a guide for those intrigued by mutual masturbation but are unsure where to start:

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Talk

Keep the communication flowing. Not only will this guide you towards a more fulfilling experience, but it will also keep consent and pleasure at the foreground of your play. If you feel embarrassed about asking your partner to play alongside you, start by simply discussing it as a fantasy and taking physical touch off the table. If you’re feeling bold, ask your partner to watch but not touch, and this might inspire them to eventually join in and play with themselves too.

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2. Use Sex Toys

Take the experience to a new level – if you fancy mixing things up, incorporate a toy each. I’d suggest using something petite and discreet for mutual masturbation so that you’ll still be able to get a decent view of the action. There are also app-controlled toys on the market – handing control of your orgasm to your partner can add additional thrill to your playtime, whilst also ensuring your lover is fully involved in your climax without touching you.

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3. Build Up To The Moment

Watch or listen to some erotica together. This will help to heighten your sexual state and increase your pleasure potential. Even the act of choosing something together can be a huge turn-on and helps to build positive anticipation.

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4. Remember To Include Intimacy

Indulge in some play. Talking about what just happened, what worked for you, and what you’d like to do next time with your partner is a huge bonding experience. It helps to increase levels of emotional security within the relationship and is a great way to improve the quality of your sex life together in general.


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