The Best Sex Positive Podcasts We Are Loving Right Now

The best sex positive podcasts in 2023

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Intimacy, masturbating, boundaries and kinks; there are more sex topics to discuss than milk types at Starbucks. Whilst some may find the topic of sex taboo, openly talking about it is the first step to eliminating misinformation, spreading positive sexual education and ultimately leading to better sex lives. Who could argue with that? Sex is such an integral part of our lives and like all aspects of life in 2023, we need great podcasts to enlighten and inspire us to have great sex. From wickedly funny to strikingly honest, we have rounded up some of our favourite podcasts discussing relationships, sex and dating in the digital age.

As iconic RnB triplette, Salt-N-Pepa once said “Let’s talk about sex, baby”, so here are our picks for the best sex positive podcasts we just can’t get enough of right now.


1.You Came First With Meghan Barton Hanson

First on the list is former Love Island contestant Meghan Barton Hanson, who faced backlash over the years since her stint on the reality show, primarily for her striking honesty. Focusing on how to put yourself first in every aspect of your life, this no-holds-barred podcast explores sex, relationships, mental health and so much more.

2. Sex And Psychology Podcast 


Does anyone else feel like their school’s sex education was, at best, lacking? Well prepare to to be re-educated with Dr. Justin Lehmiller as he debunks some of the myths and mistruths ruining your sex life. The Doc offers practical advice supported by psychology to help you improve your relationship with sex.


3. Sex, Lies & DM Slides

Ever wondered what other people’s DMs look like? Is sliding into DMs completely cringe or the 21st century way of buying someone a drink? In this wickedly funny podcast, friends Saffron and Anastasia talk to their guests about situationships, dating apps and investigate their Instagram DMs for an insightful look at dating in 2023.


4. Masala Podcast: The South Asian Feminist Podcast 

After winning multiple awards at the British Podcast Awards in recent years, the Masala Podcast has become synonymous with feminist education and breaking taboos in the South Asian community. Hosted by renown feminist Sangeeta Pillai and Soul Sutras, there is no stone unturned in this candid and inspiring podcast.


5. Sex with Emily

Dr Emily Morse is a sex educator and doctor of human sexuality on a mission to improve your sex life. In this eye-opening podcast Emily and her guests discuss relationships and intimacy along with questions from listeners all over the world. Dr. Emily is fighting against the misinformation running relationships and sex lives all over the world, and we are totally here for it.


6. We’re Having Gay Sex

Ashley Gavin is the comedian and host of the LGBTQ+ podcast We’re Having Gay Sex, that gets into every nook and cranny of queer sex in 2023. Buckle in for a cackle and a half as Ashely is joined by her friends to discuss everything and anything about love and sex outside the hetro-binary.


7. The Sexual Wellness Sessions (with Kate Moyle)

Have you every been to a Psychosexual and Relationships Therapist? With The Sexual Wellness Session with Kate Moyles, now you don’t have to. Kate Moyles is tearing down the taboos keeping us from truly satisfying sex in this candid podcast. Moyles makes it clear that our psychology, belief system and communication styles have so much to do with the success or disappointments in our relationships and sex lives. This really is a new type of sex education.


By Grace Mollaghan


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