The Sex Files: ‘A Night Of Multiple Orgasms Was My Christmas Miracle This Year’

Memories of the best (and worst) rides of your life.

“I had always assumed that multiple orgasms were a total myth that only happened on Sex and The City. My friends would tell me stories of amazing sex in which they came twice or even three times during ultimate pleasurable encounters. And even when they talked about it I assumed they were lying because someone else had lied before them. I often had trouble ‘getting there’ at all, never mind multiple times!

That was all until Christmas. I was home for a few days over the festive period, and with it came lots of nights out with friends, and catching up with old pals. One such pal was James* who I’d been close with as a teenager. We kissed a few times when I was about 15 but never went any further and eventually drifted apart when I moved for college. He’d been away travelling so I was delighted to see him and looked forward to reminiscing about old times.

We caught up over a few drinks and I don’t know if it was James’ soft smile, or the familiar surroundings but suddenly I felt like a teen all over again. We ended up walking home together and kissing when we got to my house. I wanted him to come inside (me and my house!) but felt odd because it was my family home, but then he told me to come check out his new apartment which I hadn’t seen before. I happily obliged and walked another 10 or 15 minutes, stopping every few minutes to kiss.

When we got to his house, we were straight into it, he pulled my dress off over my head, popped off my bra with no effort and pulled down my underwear with precision. I couldn’t believe my teen crush had become so confident and sexy. He sat me on the bed and he got on his knees and slowly and carefully began to eat me out. I was shy in bed and wasn’t used to a guy going straight into it like that. I fell back onto the bed and he continued to caress me with his tongue, slowly, and gently, then quickly and intensely. Before I knew it I was squeezing his head between my thighs experiencing an incredibly intense orgasm. Then, within seconds he was on his knees on the bed, and entered me with ease.

I had barely caught my breath yet. My knees were still bent and my back was slightly arched, he held my hips and pushed so deeply inside me that I couldn’t even make noise, he had me at the perfect position. I silently came once more, digging my nails into his muscular shoulders. I felt dizzy from it all happening so quickly. He whispered that we needed to slow it down or he was going to come too soon. He put a condom on and we kissed on the bed for a few minutes before I climbed on top of him, I was still throbbing from coming twice and my heart was racing, but I was still so turned on. Being on top is my prime position, and we got the perfect angle, so I knew I’d come again.

I placed my hands on his chest and moved up and down then I leaned back slightly and put my hands behind me on his knees. We moved slowly and had such a good rhythm that within a few minutes I came once more, falling onto his chest as I climaxed. We kept it up for a few more minutes as he sped it up and came with a loud groan. I lay on him while he was still inside me, and we stayed like that for a few minutes, my head still spinning. I left the next morning, feeling like a teen lying to my parents when I told them I’d slept at my friend’s house. We kissed a couple more times over the holidays and left it at that. We haven’t really kept in touch after that but me and my girl friends are referring to it as the Christmas miracle, after I spilled all the details to them. Who knows, maybe I’ll have another next year…”


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