The Sex Files: ‘I Slept With My First Love Again’

You tell us about the best (and worst) rides of your life.

“I was 19 when Sean and I tearfully decided to go our separate ways. We were together for most of our secondary school years and he was the first person I’d ever slept with, and who could forget that? After graduation I left Dublin to study performing arts in London, and although we still loved each other, we both knew it would be best to put an end to our childhood romance while we both pursued our own dreams.

Seven years passed before we ever saw each other again. I was home in Dublin for Christmas and traipsing around the city one Saturday night half-cut in a questionable sequin skirt and festive jumper combo. We fell into Hogans just after midnight and there he was, propped up against the bar with the same group of lads he was palling around with all those years ago. The memories instantly came flooding back.

It was either the festive cheer or the sambuca I downed in the last pub that propelled me towards him as soon as we locked eyes. We threw our arms around each other and I hung out of him for the entire night. Now he filled out his clothes a lot better and oozed a confidence he never had back when we were kids. Just like when I was a teenager, I felt absolutely besotted with him.

We left with a group of mutual friends in the early hours of Sunday morning and ended up back at an after sesh. After a few more drinks, the rest of the party began to trickle out until it was just me and Sean left sitting together in the living room. There was a serious amount of sexual tension lingering in the air. A wave of courage came over me and I leaned in to kiss him. It felt familiar and new all at the same time.

I had slept with a few guys since Sean and I broke up and was confident I could blow his mind with all of the new things I had learned since our last night together back in 2010. Determined to show him I wasn’t the shy girl he dated as a teenager, I pushed him back against the couch, straddled his lap and guided his hands over my body, showing him exactly where I liked to be touched. We undressed swiftly, unsure of who exactly was left wandering the house, and had the most urgent, passionate sex I’ve ever had. It wasn’t long before he came, and after he finished me orally before we collapsed onto the couch in a hot, sweaty mess.

I hadn’t had an orgasm like that in a long time, and I could tell by his face that he felt the same way. We lay on the couch until the early hours of the morning until he walked me back to my family house, just like he used to when we were kids. I flew back to London two days later and we’ve been in touch over WhatsApp since. Even if we don’t see each other again, I’m glad we reignited the flame, even if only for one night.”


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