This Bizarrely Tiny Product Could Make Your Sex Life Waaaay Better

You can thank us later.

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While we’ll happily put our hamstrings and glutes through an hour long spin class in the name of toning up, we tend to neglect another key area in a big way – our pelvic floor muscles.

Those bad boys might not be top of your workout list, but they’re so important for a variety of reasons, from preventing lower back pain and bladder incontinence down the line to making your sex life heaps more satisfying – and your orgasms more intense.

So yes, we all know that regular Kegel exercises (contracting and uncontracting your pelvic floor muscles) are hella important for strengthening down there, but it’s remembering to actually do them that’s the problem.

If you’re in the mood to re-connect with your pelvic floor, we may have found just the solution – this tiny green egg.

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The Elvie is the brainchild of UK tech company Chiaro, and acts as a sort of Fitbit for your vagina. Yep, you heard that right.

Insert the pebble shaped part inside your vagina and you’ll then be guided and tracked through different series of Kegel exercises with the help of an app.

If the €199 price tag is a tad over-budget, there are a couple of other options out there…

Minna kGoal
The kGoal was launched with the help of a Kickstarter campaign which raised over €200k in crowdfunds alone. Another app-lead product, you can order Minna direct from the website, or check in with the ladies over at Sex Siopa, who are the only Irish Minna stockists.

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Minna kGoal, €150 exc. delivery

Pelvinn Kegel Exercise Weights 25 – 1000g
Build up your pelvic floor strength using one of six different weights, all cutely colour coded in shades of pinks and purple.

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Pelvinn Weights, €25 exc. delivery