This Mental Health Charity Is Providing Online Counselling Sessions To Those Who Need It

Many people are finding this time particularly difficult

Helplink mental health has set up online counselling services to provide the Irish public with amid the coronavirus pandemic. 

In response to the difficult time we’re all facing, Helplink has proved that there is a lot of good in the world, pulling together to support anyone struggling amongst the Irish community both nationally and internationally. 

The registered mental health charity has been working to help those struggling with mental health issues for the past 7 years, and as many other services have also, had to cancel many of their scheduled sessions as a result of the current climate we’re facing. 

This, of course, can be extremely detrimental to those availing of the service, so the charity has turned to technology to continue to provide support. 

Providing counselling via smartphone, laptop, or PC, the charity is reaching out to anyone who is struggling with their mental health or well being during the time. 

“We are responding by providing the below counselling services nationally online 7 days a week to people’s homes and other private spaces (car, office, shed, barn, while you’re walking, etc.).”

What’s more than this, the service the company is providing will be free of charge for the following:


  • Free counselling for people laid off work by the COVID 19 crisis (6 sessions).
  • Free counselling for people with addictions to gambling, alcohol and/or drugs.
  • Free counselling for Irish returning home.
  • Free counselling for Irish living abroad.


For those outside of that bracket, they can avail of the counselling 65 for those employed and a lower rate of 20 for students, part-time workers, single parents and those on benefits.

To find out how to book an appointment and for more information, visit


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