This Powerful 10-Minute Film Can’t Be Shown On RTE Until After The 8th Referendum

Terminal tells the story of two Irish women meeting as they wait to travel for abortions.

Over the past few weeks, you’ve probably seen some posts in your Facebook timeline from a page called In Her Shoes, which shares the real stories of women who have been impacted by the Eighth Amendment.

The page shows the full breadth of reasons why a woman might have an abortion, from devastating fatal foetal abnormalities to simply not being ready to be a mother.

Terminal, an Irish short film written and directed by Natasha Waugh, explores this idea from the point of view of two women who meet in the airport while waiting to travel to Manchester for abortions.

They share the reasons for their decisions with each other, and talk about the guilt and shame they feel for having to travel.

The film has won multiple awards at film festivals across Europe – but according to its sound designer Nikki Moss, it can’t be shown on RTE’s usual Monday night short film slot until after the referendum.

“I was looking forward to reading the opinions of the likes of Una Mullally and Fintan O’Toole about the beautiful, sensitive Terminal when RTE broadcast it,” she tweeted. “But sadly it’s apparently too controversial at this time.”

For now, the film is available to watch on Vimeo, but hopefully it will get a TV spot very soon.


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