Vogue Williams Has This To Say To Anyone Who Thinks She Can’t Be Pregnant And Pro-Choice

"I am pro-choice and always will be, even more so now I'm pregnant."

Vogue Williams has never been afraid to speak her mind – the TV presenter has been a vocal supporter of #repealthe8th for years now.

In a 2016 column for the Sunday World, she called out then-Taoiseach Enda Kenny for saying Ireland had decided against legalising abortion ‘three times’:

In truth, it’s been voted on only once and the generation who voted for it are now frankly past childbearing age. When do my generation get a say? I am pro-choice, which doesn’t mean I am for or against abortion, it means that I think any woman has the right to choose what to do with their own body, myself included.

Vogue is currently pregnant with her first child, and some people can’t get their heads around how she can support the Repeal campaign while having a baby of her own.

After tweeting her excitement about the date of the referendum being announced, she received some pushback from a follower who said it was ‘bizarre and unfair’ for her to be pro-choice.

“You’re advocating choice for ending the life of a developing baby whilst you yourself carry a developing baby… how bizarre and unfair is that,” they wrote, to which Vogue responded:

“I am pro-choice and always will be, even more so now that I’m pregnant,” she said. “Women should have rights over their own bodies, let’s get Ireland out of the dark ages.”

Living in the UK has afforded me the right to do what I want with my own body. I look forward to the end of May so I am able to do the same in my beautiful Ireland.

She backed it up with this image that pretty clearly explains what being pro-choice means:

Yes Vogue! Tell them.


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