A New Irish Product Can Help With Post C-Section Mobility And Confidence

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Regaining mobility after a major surgery like a C-section can be a difficult feat.

There’s pain, there’s risk, there’s the desire (and need!) to recover well, and be up and about to look after a newborn baby.

A new innovative product promises to help achieve just that: a good recovery, that puts minimal stress on the abdominal muscles and allows you to heal in confidence.

Irish brand Support To Rise recently launched their Knee Strap – a post abdominal surgery support that ensures a seamless transition during the crucial stages of recovery.

Recovering from a C-section can oftentimes be particularly difficult, due to the added expectations of parenthood. The Knee Strap aims to help, by putting a lot less stress on the abdominal muscles when moving from a lying position to a seated one.

Rather than using core muscles, the Knee Strap allows you to use your arm to pull yourself up, making the whole process of moving a lot easier.

The product has been engineered for versatility, adapting to both right and left legs, and allowing for the preferences of each user. It can be used during the recovery stage of all abdominal surgeries, including C-sections, hysterectomies, and tummy tucks.

The incorporated handle not only guarantees a secure grip but also allows you to take controlled movements, and gain confidence during your recovery.

Support To Rise’s Knee Strap provides targeted support due to its strategic position just above the knee. It’s made with a Velcro closure, durable polyester tape, supportive rubber foam, and a reliable buckle – to ensure comfort and the highest quality possible product.

The product is particularly helpful for those with mobility issues too, but can be used by anyone who is recovering from surgery.

What’s more is that STELLAR readers can get 10% off a Knee Strap with code STELLAR10 online now – incredible news!

Sounds like the ideal product to have on hand to prepare for a C-section.

You can find out more at www.supporttorise.ie.