Working From Home Could Be Damaging Your Posture, Here’s How To Mind It

Sitting on a chair for eight hours a day? Yeah, us too.

If you’ve spent most of this year working from home, sitting at a table that’s not your usual desk and a chair that wasn’t created for sitting on for hours on end then, join the club.

As we’re constantly trying to adapt to these working environments, finding quiet areas of the house for business calls and Skype meetings – it’s also important that we’re staying in tune with our bodies and noting that these arrangements are also not normal for them too.

So, that’s why we’re loving Eleanor Burt, who is providing us with all the tips and tricks to make sure we’re stretching out our bodies, working on our postures and most importantly, not hunching over our laptops while we’re WFH.

As a postural alignment therapist, Eleanor notes that due to our WFH working conditions, we’re spending a lot more time in the “hip and knee flexion” (AKA bent whilst in a chair). And as our bodies don’t agree with long hours in one place (especially when we’re now faced with using kitchen chairs and bar stools), it’s important that we’re focusing on stretching and straightening every day.

Keeping our joints happy and our muscles happy, Eleanor created a six-step exercise plan back in March of this year to help with knee extension and tight hamstrings.

This is important for those of us who are sitting all day and since it only takes 15 minutes to complete, we suggest you give it a whirl.


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Eleanor has also been offering free online posture classes, as well as posting all her videos on YouTube that focus on dealing with hyper-mobile elbows to hyper-mobile knees and even a 30 minute posture sequence to keep aches at bay.

You can check out Eleanor’s YouTube here.


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