‘Zombie-ing’ Is The Latest Dating Trend And It’s Pretty Likely You’ve Experienced It Before

It’s like ghosting, but even spookier

When Lauren Conrad said in The Hills that boys have this secret radar, knowing exactly when you’ve moved on from them, she was spot on.

Boys do seem to have this outstanding ability to snake their way back into your life just as soon as you stop thinking about them, reeling you in with their antics once again, only to leave you dry and high a few weeks later. And now this dating trend finally has an official name – zombie-ing.

Not too dissimilar from ghosting, zombieing has the same values as ghosting, but with a little added spook – the boy comes back from his grave.

If you are a victim of zombieing then the following scenario will sound very familiar to you:

You met someone, things were going good, you went on a few dates, tagged each other in the odd meme, brilliant, they were just about becoming a part of your routine. Then, they disappeared off the face of the earth, nowhere to be seen, gonzo. After some time you eventually come to terms with their departure, only for them to then take that very opportunity to present themselves yet again, hitting you with that ‘Hello Stranger’ text out of the blue, and seeing if you were interested in rekindling the extinguished spark, kickstarting the cycle all over again.

In zombieing there is no such thing as closure, they will keep vanishing and resurrecting as long as you allow them to do it. A zombie does not really care about your feelings, they are not interested in a relationship, but they also like the idea of keeping you on the back burner, for when they need you.

Zombies are dicks, and they are probably best avoided at all costs.

If you do find yourself caught up with a Zombie, then it is important to value yourself enough to put an end to it, unless you’re happy to play along, which is cool too, but if not then it might be best to put that relationship 6 feet under, where it belongs.


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