10 Of The Wildest Moments From MTV’s Newlyweds

"No thanks, I don't eat buffalo"

Image via MTV, Newlyweds

It’s been 20 years since MTV’s Newlyweds graced our screens.

The hilarious reality TV series followed the lives of newlyweds Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey as they navigated married life.

Their marriage spanned three years,  and the show ran for three full seasons, before their divorce in 2005.

In true early 2000s fashion, the show involved lots of low waist jeans, UGG boots, burgeoning pop music careers, and time spent shopping or simply hanging around on camera.

Has anything really changed?

Let’s take a look at ten of the wildest moment’s from Newlyweds.

Edible Body Products


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For some strange reason, in 2004, Jessica decided to create an edible beauty brand. The line included a range of body creams, fragrances, lip glosses, shampoos and more, all apparently safe to eat. Because everyone wants to taste their shampoo, right?

Fans of the show will remember the episode where Jessica tries some of her body cream during a shoot, before getting sick and having to call it off. She alleges that the sickness did not come from ingesting the body cream, but from a random 24 hour flu…hmmm.

Chicken Or Fish

Is this perhaps the most iconic Newlyweds moment of all time? Jessica, eating a tin of tuna, muses over whether it’s really tuna or chicken…because the brand name is Chicken Of The Sea.

Oh, Jessica.

ATM Card

In a way that makes us feel completely ancient, there’s an episode where Jessica struggles to put gas in her car, and is completely baffled when the machine asks for an ATM card. The reason for her confusion? She only has a credit card, and she doesn’t seem to realise that they’re the same thing.

“Who has an ATM card??”

Creepy Crawlies

Image via Tumblr, nickandjessica-blog

Following their honeymoon, Nick and Jessica tell the camera that on their first romantic night, a cockroach flew into the room and landed on Jessica’s CHEST.

Disturbing, to say the least.

Expensive Underwear 

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A moment that had our jaws dropping; when Jessica goes on a shopping spree only to find out that she accidentally spent $750 dollars on underwear from La Perla. What did she have to show for it? Two bras and two knickers. Wild.

Home Depot

Image via Instagram, @nickandvanessa-blog

Is there anything more Y2k than being obsessed with simply going to the shops? Jessica’s passion for trips to Home Depot clearly at times outweighed her passion for Nick. Understandable!

Eye Surgery

The episode with Jessica’s Lasik eye surgery was one of the most dramatic episodes of the series, but the wildest part of it all? Jessica getting her license plates changed for her drive home so everyone knew she could see. Iconic.

Buffalo Wings

Another classic moment from Newlyweds came when Nick and Jessica went out for food with friends, and she was offered some buffalo wings.

Turning them down, Jessica said “No thanks, I don’t eat buffalo.”

When someone explained that buffalo wings aren’t actually made from buffalo, they asked a perplexed Jessica, “Didn’t you ever find it weird that buffalos don’t have wings?” Gas.

Turning 23

Image via Tumblr, nickandjessica-blog

When Jessica thought she was past her prime at 23…Sigh.

Cake Topper

What takes the cake (pardon the pun) as the wildest moment from the series has got to be Nick’s 30th birthday. Jessica burst out from inside his cake, dressed in lingerie and singing a sexy song to her husband…in front of all of their friends and family. Truly wild.