Coco Lodge Reveals How The Islanders Secretly Communicate About The Outside World

We *live* for Love Island secrets…

Ever wonder why you never hear The Islanders chatting to newcomers about how things are going in the outside world? Surely the first thing you’d ask them is how your Insta is doing?
Well, Coco Lodge has spilled the beans in a TikTok shared by Capital FM, where she explains that islanders are not allowed to ask about what’s going on outside the villa, on Insta or otherwise!
Coco revealed that any time someone new comes on the show “everyone wants to know what’s going on on the outside world”, but explained, “we’re not allowed to talk about it and if we start, we get told off by the ‘Voice of God’ coming from above!”. Naturally, curiosity gets the better of contestants, and Coco shared the secret method the cast use for getting the goss off the fresh meat!
@capitalofficial the lovely @Coco_lodge joined capital breakfast where she shared some #loveisland ♬ original sound – Capital

“We communicate through the phone,” the 27-year-old explained, “so we write little secret messages to each other on the phone under the duvet”. Very sneaky!
In another Capital FM TikTok Coco also revealed that boys and girls are separated for meal times and that sometimes they’re even split up at night times, so the contestants aren’t allowed to share a bed with the opposite sex. Did someone say sleepover club?


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Coco didn’t reveal the reason for the “same-sex bed night”, only saying it was to “keep them away from the boys for one night”, but we’re sure the producers have their secretive reasons!
Coco was dumped from the Villa last week following a public vote and has since revealed while chatting on Will Njobvu that her plans after the villa will involve returning to her previous job as a shot girl.
Words: Ellen Glynn

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