11 Celebrities Left Gutted By Trump’s US Election Win Today

You weren't the only one crying into your Cornflakes this morning.

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As with most US Presidential campaigns, celebrities played a huge part in the Clinton-Trump race to the White House. Hillary Clinton in particular had a massive celebrity backing during her campaign, with everyone from Beyoncé to Lena Dunham standing publicly by her.

Since Hillary made her concession phone call to Donald Trump in the early hours of this morning, social media has been awash with A-listers tweeting their shock, anger, sadness and disappointment.

Here are just a few of those who are just as bewildered as you and I about what on earth lies ahead…

Khloé Kardashian


Katy Perry


Ariana Grande


Zach Braff


Mia Farrow


Ariel Winter


Mark Ruffalo


Jesse Tyler Ferguson


Kristen Bell


Jane Lynch


Amanda Seyfried


Jaime King


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