15 Thoughts Every Girl Has During Her First Brazilian Wax

The suitcase is packed, the 'out of office' work email has been sent and I am READY for my sun-soaked week in Sicily. Well, apart from one tiny - and very annoying - detail: I need to get fuzz-free first.

Bikini Wax Barbie Doll

In the past, I’ve always opted for my trusty razor when heading on my holliers, and I’ve regretted it every.single.time when I’m three days in and the dreaded stubble resurfaces. Each year, my much-wiser friends have advised me to get a Brazilian wax, but The Fear has always been too great – but not this time. I am determined to be as smooth as a Barbie doll. Kinda.

I made an appointment with the amazing Top to Toe and decided to share what goes on in a woman’s mind before, during, and after the dreaded hot wax is applied to my lady bits: the good, the bad, and the scurrrry. Here we go…

1. Hmm. Perhaps I should have a quick trim… And will she judge me for wearing granny panties?

2. Decided against the trim. Sprayed some perfume in the general area though, just to be polite.

3. Should I ring the girls so they can convince me I won’t die? I think nerves may have set in.

4. Okay. Let’s just go. I’m sure it won’t be that bad *tries to ignore horror stories I read on the internet*

5. Nope. I’m outside and I have convinced myself it will be ALL of the bad. Is it too late to cancel?

6. What was I worried about!? The aesthetician is lovely, this is fab, it’s just two gals hangin’ out!

7. OK. So a woman I just met is staring intently at my vagina. We just made eye contact. This a little awkward. But I’m graannnd!


9. I think I blacked out a little bit from the pain. My pain threshold is literally so much worse than I imagined. How will I ever go through childbirth?!

10. Wait… that was only one side? We still have the other side to do? When will this end? Oh God, when will this end?!

11. I’m not being dramatic, but I feel like I’m in a scene from┬áThe 40 Year Old Virgin. I might just do a runner now.

12. WOAH. That is pink….like I mean, really, really pink. Is that even human?

13. Hold up – screw razors, I have never known true silky smoothness like this before. I am literally like a baby’s arse. Goals!

14. Everyone was right, this was totally worth it. One less thing to worry about when I wear my bikini – result.

15. Wait a minute… I’ve booked in to get my armpits done too. NOOOOOOOOO!

By Niamh Devereux