18 Things You Didn’t Know About Olivia Neill

The YouTuber and face of Rimmel’s new Thrillseeker mascara reveals her deepest, darkest secrets with STELLAR!


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My favourite song to get pumped up to is Beyoncé’s Break My Soul, it’s so good I love it. I’m also loving Drake’s new album!

My coffee order is always an iced americano.

My most treasured possession is probably my cat, Phil. I got him when I just moved out on my own at 20, my mum wouldn’t let me get a dog for years as she said I wasn’t responsible enough – so I got a cat and he’s the best thing that ever happened to me.


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My favourite cocktail would be a spicy margarita!

My style icon is Bella Hadid as she sets every trend this days. I love everything she wears, especially the baggy trousers and top combos!

Best holiday I ever went on was to Jamaica this year, I went with my friend and we had the best time.

Three people, dead or alive I’d invite to dinner party? Rihanna, Louis Theroux and then Princess Diana – I love her. My mum loves Princess Diana t00, so she’d be chuffed.

If I wasn’t a Tiktok and Youtube creator, I think I’d be a pilot. I trained a bit to be a pilot, it was my dream growing up and then I started Youtube so it kinda went out the window!


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The reality TV show I would go on would be Gogglebox, I watched Gogglebox with my friend Lewis and we’re always saying we’re born to do this!

My nickname was Olivia Neil pineapple peel, my dad kept trying to make it work and we’d be like Graham this is not working. He got me a case for an iPod inscribed with it before and everything.

My death row meal would be vegetable spring rolls, then a vegan vodka pasta with loads of ketchup, I’m not really a dessert type person so I’d probably finish off with cocktail – enter a spicy margarita!

My first part time job was in the zoo, from the ages of 16-18, I used to work in the tourist photography bit beside the green screen, it was a fun job, it paid well.


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Mascara and lip liner are always the beauty products I have in my handbag with me, I honestly look like a naked mole rat without mascara. I’m so thrilled to be the face of the Thrillseeker mascara, I can’t get my head around it at all! I grew up watching Rimmel ads on TV and I used to spend my pocket money on Rimmel, so to work with a brand I love and for a product I use religiously is amazing. 

 My favourite colour would be yellow, it’s a happy colour and it makes me so happy!


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I always change up my perfume, I’m never the type of person to stick with one perfume forever, I’m almost jealous of people who can stick with one. At the minute I’m wearing YSL’s Libre, I really like it.

My lucky number is 28, it’s the date of my birthday. Is that self-centred? I see the number a lot!

If I’d all the money in the world to spend at a brand, it’d definitely be Miu Miu, it was the first fashion show I ever went to, I fell in love with it then. It’s the cutest brand ever.


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I’ve always been into beauty, I grew up watching Jaclyn Hill and all the other beauty gurus, one video I love for beauty tips is probably Madison Beer’s Vogue Secrets video, I feel like she hit the nail on the head with that one. 

Words by Rebecca Keane

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