18 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Lyra

The Cork singer and songwriter tells STELLAR her deepest, darkest secrets.


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My earliest memory is watching E.T. and I hated it, it scared the life out of me. After, my sister ran ahead of me and surprised me with a flashlight, pretending to be E.T. and I fell down the stairs!

My career highlight thus far was going to LA to work with Lady Gaga’s production guys.

If I were to play a character in any show, it’d have to be Rachel from Friends. I’m obsessed with the show, and her outfits and hair are always on point. My favourite character would be Ross, he’s just too funny.

My favourite season is definitely summer. I love being able to go out and plan things without worrying about the weather or having to wear a jacket!

My dream dinner guest would be BeyoncĂ© (I NEED to know what workouts she does), Sia, because I’d want to pick her brains on how she writes such amazing songs, and Tom Hardy, because he’s my celebrity crush.

My childhood nickname was Tornado because I was such a bundle of energy around the house, always singing and joking and putting on shows.

My mum has a Bichon Frise called Benny who I love to death. If I could have my own dream animal it’ be a panda, they’re so cute.

The best place I’ve ever visited was Nashville. It’s such a different world. You’re walking down the street and there’s music playing from everywhere – and people really do wear cowboy hats and boots there.


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I’m a sucker for any TV series with murders.

Cher is my style icon. When you look back over her catalogue of clothes, at the time it was so out there. Now you see the Kim Kardashians imitating her looks today, so it proves her icon status.

Snakes and ladders is my favourite board game, its nice and easy. If I wanted to really challenge myself, I’d just read a book.

One time I dressed up as a botched-up Barbie for Halloween. I even paiper mached my lips out and filled my bra with loads of pairs of my brother’s football socks.

My signature scent is Jo Malone, Honeysuckle.


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I’m extremely caring, friends always say I go over and above for anyone. If I see something online I know someone will love, I’ll buy it no questions asked.

My favourite film is Shutter Island. Leonardo DiCaprio is so good at every character he’s done.

My first part time job was doing promotions in supermarkets. It killed my soul. It ranged from promoting toothpaste and toothbrushes to offering customers baby food or coffee.

The most famous person I’ve ever met was music producer BloodPop, he’s like Lady Gaga’s right hand man. When I was working with him in LA, he kept saying “that’s so LG”, it took me a while to realise he was talking about the woman herself.

I hate broccoli, it’s farty tasting cauliflower. I love Brussel sprouts though, while everyone else hates them.