2019 Continues To Be The Year Of Reunions As McFly Announce New Album!

From Westlife to the Spice Girls, we are already absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to eagerly awaited reunion tours this year.

But fear not, that’s not even where the excitement ends!

Everyone’s favourite cheesy UK boy band McFly have Obviously just announced that they too are dusting off their guitars and coming out with new music this year!

The boys have been busy since calling it quits back in 2012, with lead singer Tom Fletcher turning his hand to writing books and having babies, while bassist Dougie Poynter only went and became King of The Jungle in 2011.

But now, the lads are back and will be releasing a brand new album later this year!

“McFly will at least start writing by the summer and I can’t wait. I love that band and I love the guys. It’s awesome.” Dougie told Sean Smith on the Sappenin Podcast.

“We decided to take some time off after we did McBusted because it was a two-year tour and there was naturally some other things everyone wanted to do,” he said.


“It actually worked out really well because all the other guys had kids in that time, so they’ve all been home for their kids.

“It almost happened last year but someone had a project or something that was coming up smack bang in the middle. And we just didn’t think there was any point.”

Ladies, in honour of Harry, Tom, Danny and Dougie, I think it’s time we put five colours in our hair…..


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