5 Guys Tells Us What They’re Thinking While They’re Going Down On You

We found out what men are really thinking when they're paying our lady garden a visit. Surprise: They love it!

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So a fella’s best hope for marathon sex—or you know, sex that lasts longer than a commercial break—is to dedicate a little time to you alone.

Although let’s be honest, if there were a race toward orgasm, men would win every time. But it’s not a race—sex is a team sport. And getting you revved up before the main event makes it a little more likely that you’ll get to cross the finish line together. #Result.

We asked five  men what they think about when they go down on a girl. Here’s what they had to say…

When a woman opens herself up to me like that, I feel insanely close to her.

Jason, 26

If I’m completely honest, I’m usually thinking what should I be doing with my hands! Do I wrap my arms around her legs? Touch her boobs? Touch her clit? What about her stomach? That’s usually what I think about while trying to pretend I’m totally focused on satisfying her. If I worry too much on pleasing her, I remind myself that nothing is as intimate as oral sex—not even intercourse. And when a woman opens herself up to me like that, I feel insanely close to her.

Derek, 24

I’m thinking about giving the most pleasure I can because I like to know I’m making her feeling good. So, I listen to her noises, pay attention to her body, and just focus on the moment. Isn’t that what every guy should think? Sometimes, I think about when she’s going to finally grab my hair. I love that and it’s a sign that I’m doing a good job. You can’t beat a sexy scalp massage, it’s definitely a bonus. You’re really the only person we want going to town up there. (We’d rather eat a set of shears than ask our barber for a scalp massage.) So don’t be afraid to get in there—a little tugging isn’t bad, either.

I can see, feel, hear and taste her having an orgasm.

Stephen, 29

If I had to break things down, my focus is 50% on my girlfriend’s reactions, 25% on what I’m actively doing, 10% what I’ll do next, and I suppose 15% on my own arousal. Where to put my tongue is something I think about a lot. It’s not that I don’t know where things are, but some women like their clitoris to be licked, others prefer to be licked inside, and maybe some anal licking, so I kind of feel things out and listen to her moans for a clue. If my tongue skills go smoothly, I can see, feel, hear and taste her having an orgasm. It’s a powerful feeling. I think oral sex is class and the best form of contraception mankind has ever come up with. Same great orgasms, no risk of changing nappys down the line.

Chris, 22

One word: Underboob. Imagine you’re in our position. Now look up. Not a bad view, right? Also the p*ssy is a strange and amazing place, and I don’t know any man who doesn’t love doing it but also isn’t nervous about it. Because of that, I usually spend at least some of my time down there wondering why there’s no class you can take on how to be perfect at it.

Matthew, 23

I’m always focused on the little C-Spot. I sometimes have the tendency to ignore your clitoris during intercourse, and as I know the little ball of nerve endings is pretty crucial for orgasm. But man that thing is tiny! It’s like trying to hit a quarter-inch target while being distracted by the rest of your naked body. With oral sex, I love it because I have a distraction-free opportunity to make it up to you, and we’re up to the task. Plus, getting you all revved up means there’s a pretty good chance something awesome is about to happen next. And what fella wouldn’t be happy about that?