7 Memories You’ll Have If You Were The First Of Your Friends To Get A Camera

Back in our teenage years, photos were a hot commodity.

girl with camera

If you were the first one in your friend group to get a camera of your own, well, you were essentially God. Back then, having a camera had a certain allure to it, not least because you were the only person who could reveal EXACTLY who Donna was shifting last night.

Thanks to retro-inspired releases like the Instax range from FUJIFILM the world is remembering just how fun it is to take one-off snaps to print out and genuinely treasure down the line, instead of the 16 blurry snaps of the same salad from different angles that you probably have on your smartphone right now.

Here are seven memories you’ll no doubt have of cameras in the pre-smartphone age…

1. Bringing your camera absolutely everywhere with you

School lunch breaks, nights out, late-night trips to Tesco, you were there to document what happened. Or more importantly, you were there to document the questionable side fringes and overuse of purple eyeshadow.

2. Diligently saving ALL the photos to your computer

If someone hacked into your old PC now, all they’d find would be endless folders of photos marked ‘sHaUnA’s H0usE pArtY!!!!’ and ‘dEbs N1ghT!!!

3. Printing out batches of photos for your wall

With instant print-outs on the Instax mini 8 from FUJIFILM and other INSTAX cameras, you can have photos in your hands in seconds INSTANTLY! Previously you would have gone to the Photo Printing Stores – still a great option as there is nothing like the printed photo but for INSTANT prints….choose INSTAX !

4. Giving framed photo collages as gifts for absolutely every occasion

Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays: No event was safe. How else would you make use of the roughly 1,542 printed photos you had lying around at home?

5. Having no idea how the settings worked

Yes, your digital camera could take photos using 72 different sunlight filters, but somehow everyone still ended up with red-eye.

6. Living in constant terror of pressing the ‘delete all’ button

All of those memories of drinking too many Jägerbombs on Leaving Cert Results night, gone. FOREVER. The fear!

7. Finding old photos five years on and MELTING with the nostalgia of it all

We’d gladly lose our smartphone in a fire, as long as our photo albums were safe, tbh. There is no greater joy in life than a stack of old pictures, be they from five or 55 years ago.

Make memories to treasure on the daily with your Instax mini 8 from FUJIFILM which comes in a range of seven gorgeous colours to match your lifestyle (and your wardrobe). Plus, with a range of brightness settings and a high key setting for softer images, it’s near impossible to take a bad photo. Believe us, we’ve tried…


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