9 People You’ll Definitely Bump Into Down The Local This Christmas Eve

Just don't get trapped in a round with any of these folks.

pub christmas snapper

Much like turkey and ham, Christmas Day mass, and watching The Wizard of Oz, a pint down at your local pub on Christmas Eve is a steadfast festive tradition.

Pints, old friends and Christmas in the air sounds like a great combination on paper, but in reality those December 24th gatherings can sometimes feel more like an endurance test.

Our advice this year? Scope out the people you don’t want to end up talking to early on and station yourself as far away from them as possible. To make life easier, we’ve profiled just about everyone you’re bound to meet at the pub this Christmas Eve.

Take note of the following culprits:

1. The lad who won’t stop talking about how much he earns over in Perth
‘All I have to do is work down in the mines eleven months out of twelve, and the rest of the time I spend in Bali, it’s the LIFE.’

christmas pub 1


2. That old school friend who only ever wants to talk about Leaving Cert memories
‘Remember the time you got a nosebleed during your English oral? OHMIGOD SO FUNNY.’

pub 2


3. The seasoned backpacker who is fresh off a flight from Bangkok
You can still see a faint dusting of mud and glitter in their dreadlocks.

pub 3


4. That gang of girls from school who all got engaged this year
Just pray they find seats far away in the corner to compare engagement rings in peace.



5. The ‘little boy’ you babysat when you were 14 who is now an incredibly ridey 2o-year-old

pub 5


6. Your niece who is no longer a child but a 19-year-old Kylie Jenner lookalike 
Er, wasn’t she dressing up as Princess Elsa about two seconds ago?

pub 6


7. That lad you shifted last Stephen’s night and haven’t seen since

pub 7


8. And basically every ex you’ve ever had
Why do you suddenly feel like a WWII soldier in the trenches?

pub 8


9. That one old friend you forget how well you get on with because you only see her once a year
Maybe this year you two will actually arrange to meet up for that coffee you’ve been planning for half a decade.

pub 9


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