9 ways not to fall off the gym wagon this year

Have you already lost your fitness mojo?

Apparently this weekend of the year is when most people have abandoned their New Years Resolutions.
Are you still firmly stuck on yours or are you starting to wobble on those new year goals?
If so, here’s nine things you can do to not to drop off the wagon just yet and to keep on going;
1: Try A New Class
Perhaps you’re bored of your current workout routine? Is that spin class just not getting you pumped up anymore?
Sign up for something new like boxing or circuit training to get your fitness mojo back.
2: Get A Gym Buddy
One of the best ways to stick to a goal is to have someone to go with. Even if you only workout with someone once or twice a week, it’s great to have someone to hold you accountable for your workout sessions.
You’re way less likely to cancel a class if you’re going with a friend too.
3: Set A Goal
If your goal so far has just been to workout more or join a class, perhaps this needs updating. There’s nothing like signing up for a 5k run, or an event to get you re-focused.
4: Try Cooking Something New
Perhaps you’re bored of what you’re eating and that’s leaving you un-motivated? If you’ve been on a strict diet since the new year you’re bound to be getting a little fed up.
Our advice? Try cooking something new to re-ignite your passion for what you’re eating.
5: Sort Out Your Head
If you’ve been focusing your all on your resolutions for the year you might be feeling a little burnt out.
Rather than quitting your workout completely, perhaps ease off for a while a take up some yoga or meditation classes to get your head back in the game.
6: Treat yo’Self
Yep, same as the above, if you’re feeling wrecked from going hell-for-leather towards you’re fitness goals you may need a little me-time.
Book yourself in for a massage and just allow yourself to properly chill out, and soothe any aching muscles.
7: Have fun
Most of all you don’t want your fitness journey to be boring as then you will never stick to it.
Inject a bit of fun into your routine with a dance class like hip-hop or Zumba to remind yourself that fitness can be fun.
8. New Gym Gear
A new pair of leggings or runners can be just the thing to motivate you to get to the gym.
We know after buying some that we’re dying for an excuse to wear them and end up heading to a workout a lot more enthusiastically than usual.
9. Remember Why You Started
Sounds obvious, but this is something always worth doing. Look over your goals again, did you want to be fitter, stronger, healthier?
Look at how you’ve done so far and you’ll find the motivation to keep going.
Head to Thrive Festival for some serious fitspo
Ireland’s premier fitness, lifestyle and wellness event, Thrive is returning to Dublin’s Convention Centre this February.
So, if you’re still looking to get your fitness mojo back then get your tickets now as there are over 250+ classes and demonstrations on over the two days.
Over the weekend you’ll get a chance to look at lots of different workouts like Kangoos (a rebounding exercise that looks so fun), Donking hip-hop dance classes as well as KoBox the London boxing class loved by Rosie Huntington-Whitely and Jourdan Dunn.
If you feel like you need to slow down and re-charge you can expect yoga classes with Annie Kirwan, Lee Tracey and Julie B. For more of a challenge there’s also Platinum Pilates and Yin Yoga with Danielle Moyles.
For ultimate relaxation the timetable is also full to the brim with therapists like a Breathing Workshop, Massage Therapy and Reflexology to name but a few.
There are tonnes of talks and panel discussions with the likes of Glenda Gilson and Bonnie Ryan hosting as well as cookery workshops led by Holly White and Nichola Flood.
These are spread over the weekend so that you’ll leave full of ideas to incorporate into a more healthy lifestyle.

Thrive is on from Saturday 29th February & Sunday 1st March and tickets are already on sale here. 


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