9 Twitter Photos That Prove Ireland In The Sun Is The Most Beautiful Place In The World

Aaaaall that rain is worth it when the sun finally comes out.

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We’ve finally been hit with a little bit of sunshine after a solid month of storms, wind and rain, and the country is understandably rejoicing.

The best part? The good weather is set to last into next week, with Met Éireann even predicting highs of 30C in the coming days. Surely that has to be some kind of record?

When the rain is beating down our windows for eleven months a year we might question why on earth we’ve chosen to spend our days on this little island, but once the sun comes out it’s a different story. Y’see, it’s a universally accepted fact that Ireland in the sunshine is the most beautiful country on earth.

Don’t agree? Read on from some pretty solid photographic evidence to back us up, from Twitter users across the country…

1. This snap, from Brittas Bay


2. This one, from Myrtleville, Co. Cork


3. This snap from Cork’s Bantry Bay


4. This perfect sunny snap


5. Oh and this one, from Dún Laoghaire


6. This stunner from Ashford Castle in Co. Mayo

 Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 12.51.31


7. And this from The Sally Gap in Wicklow


8. A killer shot from the Cliffs of Moher


9. And this beauty from Glendalough

Ireland, our fave <3


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