A Look Back At All The Love Island Couples Who Are Still Going Strong

There's more than you might think!

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Love Island is currently showing it’s tenth season. Yep, that’s right – it’s tenth!

Up to now, there’s been nine seasons filled with drama, tensions, lust, laughter, and of course – love. But how many of the reality TV show couples have kept the love burning long after their time in the villa? And what are they up to now?

From weddings to babies to renovating houses, we’ve done a deep dive on every Love Island couple that’s still going strong. Let’s get into it!

Season 9

Kai and Sanam


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Kai and Sanam were the winners of their season, charming the public with their sweet and genuine connection. Kai brought Sanam back from Casa Amor, causing drama in the villa, but they weren’t going to let anyone get in their way! The pair are still happily paired up a few months later, and have recently moved in together. Yay!

Will and Jessie

Will and Jessie sent shocks through the villa when Will was unfaithful in Casa Amor – but this dynamic duo managed to pull through. Australian Jessie has been staying at Will’s family farm in England, and the pair have even travelled all the way to Australia so that Will could officially meet Jessie’s family. Now that’s commitment!

Tanya and Shaq


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Tanya and Shaq also faced obstacles in the villa, particularly when Tanya brought someone else back from Casa Amor. However, the couple weren’t going to let a bump in the road ruin a real love connection, and they’re still making it work!

Tanya recently shared on Fubar radio that the pair are looking at moving in together soon. Cuties!

Season 8

Tasha and Andrew


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Tasha and Andrew recently celebrated their one year anniversary, and they’re happier than ever. The pair have been living together for a while, and recently adopted an adorable puppy called Luna. They told the team here at STELLAR that they love being “paw-rents”. Adorable.

Indiyah and Dami


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Indiyah and Dami will go down in Love Island history for bringing to viewers one of the most iconic Love Island quotes; “May the best heartbreaker win”.

Thankfully, nobodies heart was broken in the end, as the pair left the villa all loved up. Not only do they live together, they’re neighbours with Tasha and Andrew too. Now where’s the double date pics?!

Season 7

Millie and Liam


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Millie and Liam won their season – they’re also the only couple from their time in the villa to stay together. Though the pair did break up for a period of time, they recently share that they’re back on and keeping their relationship private, so they can give it a proper shot. We love to hear it!

Season 6

Luke M and Lucie


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We’re cheating a little by including these two, because technically they weren’t on the show together. Luke M was a season six contestant, coming third in the competition alongside Demi Jones. Lucie featured on season five, and was dumped from the villa in the fifth week.

Somehow though, the pair found each other on the outside, and have been head over heels ever since. Luke and Lucie have bought and renovated a cottage together, adopted a dog, and got engaged in December 2021. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Eva and Nas


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Eva and Nas’ long lasting relationship might come as a surprise to fans of the show. The pair re-coupled quite late in their season after meeting in Casa Amor, and didn’t make it to the final. However, their love continued to blossom on the outside, and they’re now engaged after Nas popped the question in Greece. Aww.

Callum and Molly


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Callum rocked the boat big time on season six when he brought Molly back from Casa Amor. It wasn’t for nothing though, as the couple are still going strong, living in Manchester with their two dogs.

Callum recently told MailOnline, “We’re just enjoying things that we’ve got at the minute and then family and marriage will eventually come into it.” How exciting!

Season 5

Tommy and Molly-Mae


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Tommy and Molly-Mae may be the most iconic couple to ever come out of Love Island. The pair regularly hit headlines as fans continue to gush over their loving relationship, which hasn’t wavered since they left the villa.

This adorable pair are parents to baby girl Bambi, and have just announced their engagement! The couple shared a sentimental video of Tommy proposing to Molly-Mae over the weekend. Our hearts can’t take it!

Season 3

Camilla and Jamie


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Camilla and Jamie are another iconic duo to exit the villa, and they’ve been moving from strength to strength ever since. The affectionate pair got married in 2021, and have two little girls, Nell and Nora. Ahh, stop!

Jess and Dom


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Jess and Dom are one of the more unusual couples on this list, because even though they were together during the show, Jess was voted off early and Dom decided to stay. Rumours swirled that both Jess and Dom were finding love elsewhere, but the pair defied all odds and stayed true to each other.

The duo got married in 2017, and now have two little boys. Bless!

Season 2

Cara and Nathan

Cara and Nathan coupled up on their very first day in the villa and ended up winning their season! The pair broke up for a while nine months after the show, but found their way back to each other, with Nathan proposing to Cara in 2018, in the villa where they met. Ahh, stop.

Cara and Nathan share son Freddie and daughter Delilah.

Alex and Olivia


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Alex and Olivia were fan favourites the moment they hit the screen and came in second behind Nathan and Cara. The pair got married after Alex popped the question in New York in 2016, and have a little boy Abel. What a journey!