Addison Rae Gets Grilled By The Kardashians – A Recap On KUWTK’s Final Season – Episode 4

We're back with our weekly deep dive into the latest episode of KUWTK.

It’s Sunday, which means it’s time for our deep-dive into the latest episode of the Kardashians. As it’s the final season of the show we’ll be covering each episode week by week, so lets get stuck into episode four.

This is a pretty chill episode, mostly focused around family, there are three main threads to follow, Kim’s anxiety returning about her safety, celebrating MJ’s birthday and the sisters trying to get to the bottom of Addison Rae and Kourtney’s friendship.


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Kim’s bestie, Jonathan Cheban, otherwise known as Food God calls her crying hysterically. He reveals over the phone that he and his mother were robbed at gunpoint in New Jersey and his $250k watch was ripped from his arm.

She invites him out to their Malibu holiday home to feel safe and secure amongst friends. However, when he does, and he begins to describe what happened to him, it brings up some uncomfortable memories for Kim.

Following Kim’s dramatic and traumatising robbery in Paris back in 2016, she shared in this episode that this made her more of a “hermit” and “retreated” even more into herself afterwards. As these feelings resurface, her thoughts once again turn to these types of situations and keeping her family safe.

In classic Kardashian fashion, where everything is OTT, this prompts Kim and Khloe to start researching bunkers. Yes, you heard us right.

What follows is the two of them spending an afternoon in a boiling hot bunker (this isn’t a concrete shell btw, it’s v luxurious) where Khloe forgets the most important thing. The food.

The most juicy part of this episode is that it’s TikTok star, Addison Rae’s KUWTK debut. Her friendship with Kourtney is something that, for some reason, has raised multiple eyebrows due to the age gap between them. Finally this episode tackles this in full.

Firstly, we get to see an insight into Addison and Kourtney hanging out and, TBH, it looks like a lot of fun. There’s dancing, selfies and swimming in the ocean and Kourtney seems really, really happy.

Her sisters pick up on just how happy she is with Khloe revealing it’s the most she’s seen her smile in a long time after having a “fragile year.”

Of course, they can’t just leave it be and Kim and Khloe decide to dig a little deeper into this friendship. In their confessionals they chat about how tight their inner circle is so they’re always cautious when someone new comes along and will always question it.

After a strange lunch between Khloe/Kourt and Addison, Khloe and Kim decide to invite Addison over for lunch without telling Kourtney. This is a pretty weird move and the lunch includes Scott, Kendall, Corey, Kris, Khloe and Kim who end up grilling the poor girl.

It’s worth bearing in mind that Addison is only 19 at the time and is having a surprise lunch with one of the most famous families in the world? Yeah, that’s slightly terrifying.

Kendall is the only one who seems uncomfortable with how things are panning out as she points out that they are ‘interrogating’ her. Oh, and they even ask Addison is she and Kourtney have been ‘hooking up’ as she seems so happy at the moment.


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As expected, Kourtney is pretty p*ssed off that they arranged this lunch and shares that Addison thought Kourt would be there too, so she was totally blindsided.

Kourtney clearly feels backed into a corner at this point by her sisters and assures them that it’s just a simple friendship and they just need to chill out about the age gap, describing herself as a “young heart with an old soul.”

By the end of the episode things seems to relax a bit as Addison comes over to hang out and Khloe and Kim seem to have accepted her. It is still a bit weird though as she and Kourtney are dressed in matching outfits and are practicing their very own ‘secret handshake.’ Make of that what you will.

In the confessionals Khloe says that she does believe that Addison is really “genuine” and likes hanging out with her. We’re not buying it.


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Lastly, the most wholesome aspect to this episode is the family celebrating Kris’ Mom, MJ’s birthday. Usually she’d be heading off to San Diego for an annual lunch with her friends where she can also listen to her favourite jazz musician perform.

Kris wisely advises against this due to the pandemic, and as MJ is turning 86 suggests it may be safer to celebrate at their home in Malibu.

With the whole fam getting rapid testing for Covid they’re able to enjoy her birthday outside and surprise her with musician, Rick Ross who performs especially for her. So sweet.

The next episode looks like a juicy one as Khloe and Tristan appear on screen together and Kris is trying to figure out a way to help her ex husband, Caitlyn Jenner with her career. Of course that means we’ll be back again with another deep dive next week!


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