Adele And Harry Styles Are On Holiday Together, Leaving Us Slightly Confused

So... what's going on here?

Adele has been the talk of the town lately after her weight loss transformation, she always looked fab anyway, but how and ever. And Harry Styles, well, there’s always a subject to discuss there. But we never thought we’d be talking about the two together, having the craic on a beach in the Caribbean. Surely we’re not alone in thinking this is a bit of an odd pairing?

In images shared on Twitter, both Adele and Harry can be seen on Anguilla beaches, and naturally, Twitter went crazy.

Of course, Twitter jumped straight to speculating that the two are dating, because, well, of course they did. Adele and Harry Styles haven’t been snapped together too much, so it seems fans are hoping for some kind of romance. Although they’re not together too often, the Anguilla beach pics definitely aren’t their first introduction. Way back in 2017, Harry revealed that Adele gave him a birthday present, which was a copy of his own album. Honestly, this seems like a very Adele-esque thing to do, she seems gas after all. At the time, Harry told Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1 that he’s a big fan of Adele’s. “I think she leads by example. She’s the biggest. She’s amazing, she’s the best, so she should be the biggest. She’s just good at it. I like how she does everything.”

We can’t help but think that this is just an unlikely friendship that we never knew we needed. But could there even be a collab on the cards?


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