Afternoon Tea, Moroccan Mud Treatments And A Breathtaking View At The Heritage Hotel


Have you ever rubbed moroccan clay all over your face and body and then steamed it off in a special mud treatment room? I did, and I reckon you should too.

Let me explain!

I went to visit the peaceful Laois countryside to stay at The Heritage Hotel in Killenard, an experience which was far more relaxing than the previous times I’ve visited the county (cough Electric Picnic cough). Surprisingly, it’s actually pretty gorgeous down there when the landscape isn’t covered in weather beaten tents and hungover teenagers. Who knew?

Jokes aside, I had the pleasure of an overnight stay that left me feeling totally refreshed thanks to the breathtaking views from our room, a soothing trip to the spa, and a meal that left me wondering if we should simply elope and stay there forever.

On our arrival at the lawn framed hotel, we headed straight for an Afternoon Tea that was nothing short of regal. A three tiered tea stand offers a selection of tasty treats; soft fruit scones, more-ish finger sandwiches and sweet cakes and nibbles. I sipped on a green Sencha tea and tried to patiently work my way up the tiers instead of taking a bite out of everything all at once like a feral child (easier said than done.)

When we rolled ourselves up the bedroom afterward, I was blown away by what we saw from the balcony: a breathtaking view of the golf course, stretching into green fields for miles. The room itself was spacious but still warm and cosy thanks to the rich colour scheme and lush furniture that I had to resist jumping on – or at least, I almost resisted. A gentle leap, if you will.

After fighting a nap in the seriously sink-into-able bed, we popped down to the spa for a Moroccan mud treatment known as Rasul.

The treatment is made for two, so it’s perfect for a couple or friends to enjoy together. Intimacy levels depend on whether you’re rubbing the mud on yourself or on your significant other; I can see it being a little funny with a friend and definitely flirtatious with a partner. Essentially, you start by applying  salt and oil scrubs to your skin for a fresh base, which you rinse off in a warm shower.

Then, you apply carefully designed mineral muds all over your face and body. Once the mud is applied, you and your guest relax on heated mosaic tiles in the exotic Rasul suite, and the room gently fills with herbal steam. As the room heats, the mud’s natural ingredients absorb the toxins from the body to aid the detoxifying and exfoliating process. The 45 minute ceremony closes with a tropical rain shower from the star-lit ceiling to wash away the mud.

It’s a seriously gorgeous and totally unique experience, unlike anything I’ve done before. It was incredibly relaxing, and afterwards our skin felt beautifully clean, detoxified and soft.

After a little mosey around the spa (soothing foot baths, a bubbly jacuzzi and a serene Tepidarium) I went for treatment number two, which is called Hammam.

The Hammam is a treatment influenced by the bathing ritual of the Ottoman nations – how luxurious does that sound? You rest on a warm plinth in absolute humidity, where steam and warmth help to open up your pores and prepare your skin for the exfoliating massage that follows. After an ESPA Salt & Oil scrub, the therapist gives you you a nourishing massage with an ESPA Body Oil. After 45 minutes, the treatment had my muscles totally relaxed and my skin feeling buttery soft.

We wandered sleepily back to our suite to rest a while before dinner; I dried my hair with the room’s Dyson hairdryer (obsessed) and wrapped up in a white fluffy towel. We watched the first TV from the couch, and then the second TV from the bed, because obviously we had to try both!

Dinner was held in Blake’s restaurant downstairs, which has an upbeat, buzzy atmosphere. We enjoyed a seriously sumptuous dinner (pork belly to die for) and a couple of Cosmo’s too, because the first one was so delicious. Might it be the best Cosmo I’ve ever had? That’s a bold statement, but one I think I’m ready to make!

That night we slept like babies, waking gently like something out of a New York based rom-com. I genuinely yawned and stretched my arms like a cartoon character who’s signifying that they just had a deep sleep.

At breakfast we stacked our plates with pastries and fruit and tucked into a tasty full Irish (of course!). The staff were so lovely the entire duration of our stay that I kept thanking them profusely as though they’d saved my life in some way, which honestly they might as well have.

As the lovely concierge Ray drove us a scenic route to Kildare Village for a little Christmas shopping, we discussed how soon we’ll be coming back. Should we just run away from the big city and lock ourselves in a room at The Heritage for the rest of eternity? Our sentiment was unanimous. Yes, yes we should.


*This writer was invited to a press stay at The Heritage Hotel