Amber Gill Is At Risk Of Being Banned From Instagram Over SP Posts

Amber is now on a 'watchlist', along with other Love Island stars.


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Amber Gill is at risk of losing her Instagram account over ads and spon con.

The Love Island winner has reportedly been warned several times by the Advertising Standards Authority for failing to clearly state that she was being paid to promote products.

Because of this, Amber was reportedly placed on a watch list by the ASA along with other influencers, including Love Island stars Francesca Allen, Jess Gale, Eve Gale and Belle Hassan.

“We will continue to monitor her content and, if she fails to follow the rules in future, she could also be subject to further sanctions,” the ASA said according to the Mirror.

Those who continue to flout the rules could have to pay fines or even have their Instagram shut down.

The ASA didn’t specify which posts of Amber’s violated the rules, but she’s regularly promoted fashion and beauty products on her page, and the ASAI in Ireland also has similar rules and standards for Irish influencers and social media stars.