Amy Adams’ Daughter Is Legit Her Mini-Me And It’s Adorable

Too. Much. Cuteness.

Amy-Adams-Her-Family-Hollywood-Walk-Fame-Ceremony (1)

Celebrities having gas craic with their kids at Hollywood Walk Of Fame ceremonies has become something of a mini-tradition of late.

It started with Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively revealing their adorable daughters to the world last month, and now Amy Adams is at it too. The Golden Globe-nominated actress received the 2,598th star on the Walk Of Fame this week, and brought her husband Darren Le Gallo and daughter Aviana along to celebrate.

Amy-Adams-Her-Family-Hollywood-Walk-Fame-Ceremony (2)

After seeing the pictures, we’ve concluded that Amy and Aviana are our new favourite mum-and-daughter pairing.

They’re BESTIES.

Amy-Adams-Her-Family-Hollywood-Walk-Fame-Ceremony (3)

No seriously. They’re besties.


This isn’t the first time we’ve spied these two having a gorgeous family moment together, either.

Here they are, sipping their matching Starbucks:

amy adams daughter

Being colour-coordinated in red pants:

Amy Adams & Aviana : Appear On Similar Taste In Clothes

And hanging at Disney World:

amy adams daughter 5

While Amy hasn’t exactly shielded Aviana from the limelight, herself and Darren have made every effort to give their daughter a normal life, bringing her on school runs and on family outings like any other kid.

Here’s hoping these two stay as close – and adorable – as Aviana grows up.


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