Amy Adams Has Landed In Ireland Ahead Of New Disney Movie

A Disney sequel being shot in Ireland? Enchanting.

When A-List celebs come to Ireland, we tend to get a tad overexcited – exhibit A: Claiming Matt Damon as our own. I mean, why can’t we get excited about celebs roaming our lovely little country? The latest celeb to touch down in Ireland is none other than Amy Adams, as she begins work on the new Disney movie, Disenchanted.

The Hollywood star will be based here for a number of weeks as they work on the sequel to the 2007 fantasy romcom, Enchanted.

Parts of the film are being shot in Co. Wicklow, and for the last number of weeks, teams have been working tirelessly building the movie set.

Now, they’re almost ready to start shooting, and Amy took to social media to share that she couldn’t be happier.

“Hi everybody. I am in Ireland where I am getting ready to start filming on the sequel to Enchanted, which I am very excited about.”

James Marsden, Idina Menzel and Patrick Dempsey have also signed up to appear in the sequel, but it’s not yet known if or when they’ll be shooting in Ireland.

One thing is certain though – Patrick, a.k.a McDreamy himself, will be dusting off his vocal cords, as he prepares to perform in the movie.

Speaking to Variety, he recently said, “I will be singing for the first time. I’ve never ever sung publicly — for a reason. So bear with me. I hope the fans embrace it.”


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