Amy Huberman Had To Tell Prince Harry About The Time She Ended Up At William And Kate’s Wedding

Hilarious as ever.

Amy Huberman had to tell Prince Harry how she ended up ‘gatecrashing’ William and Kate’s wedding during his recent visit to Dublin.

One of the Embassy guests introduced Amy to Prince Harry by saying ‘she was at the wedding’, to which he looked concerned. She told the Irish Independent:

I had to explain it was not their wedding as I could see him looking a little concerned and thinking, “But I don’t know you.”

Back in 2011, Amy attended the royal wedding by herself after her husband, Brian O’Driscoll, was unable to attend.

“Brian and I had both been invited,” she explained. “The squad had ended up going into the Heineken Cup Semi Finals so he couldn’t go.”

He was like, “You should go.” So I did, on my own. I was terrified. I would rather go and be terrified than regret not going.

Those who attended William and Kate’s wedding were gifted a slice of the royal wedding cake – it was designed by Fiona Cairns and decorated with 900 iced flowers, acorns and ivy leaves. Very fancy indeed, and not something you accidentally want to stuff your face with, as Amy attests:

I still have their cake in the freezer, so every time on a night out I have to remind myself not to eat it.

We’re sure Prince Harry was delighted by that story. Never change, Amy!


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